Friday, March 9, 2012

greetings! welcome to my new blog post :) 

i got my hair mildly lightened like i said i would. ms erin o'hagain did it for me at work and i'm loving the change.  it kind of does different things in different lighting - which makes it very versatile.  we might tamper with it more, but i'm cool with where it's at for now :)   

speaking of hair, i used a recent day off as an opportunity to book myself solid with hair appointments to test the waters on my timing.  by booking myself solid, i mean four appointments, hehe. funny how time flies when you're doing highlights or ombre.  and how delicious a think thin bar is while running out to put more quarters in the parking meter. regardless of how hectic, i loved it.  i'm learning so much being surrounded by seasoned stylists. 

anyway - all that to say, i'm working on figuring out a good balance of managing parts of my life that bring me joy: time to myself - to read or what not, hair, projects at home, my etsy shop, my blog, friends, family.  i don't think i'll ever have it down, ya know.  but i ain't complaining.  first world problems!! lol (i can't get enough of that expression.  my buddy nate brought it up when we were driving to the alameda antique fair and i was complaining about how unhappy i was with my outfit, and they were complaining about pandora making the wrong song selections!)

speaking of friends, we recently had our buddies over for dinner at our place.  i put together what i called a quinoa bar with all sorts of fixings in case peeps got choosey (like my husband who doesn't particularly care much for vegetables, and everyone else who are obsessed with them :).  i just sauteed most of the veggies separately and included separate bowls of tofu and chicken.  turned out to be a hit. :) 

here's the bar after being picked apart :) 
speaking of the alameda antique fair, i tagged along with liska and nate on sunday to see what kind of treasures we can find.  i had my mind set on finding some new lighting for our home.  when we first moved (four years ago) we somehow got an ugly 'temporary' solution of a lamp that stuck around! anywho i scored an antique dentist lamp for super cheap!




pic taken by liska.  there was this girl sitting in a funny stroller contraption.  i wish i was more gutsy to take pics of people at these things - so many watch-worthy people. 


and 50 years later

anywho - thanks for checking in! i know i take forever to post.  if you get super antsy to see what's happening (as i expect all of you do) and you have an iphone, you can follow me on instagram under yelizabeta :)

cool! see ya lata!!