Monday, February 28, 2011

i used to hate mondays.  now they're simply the day before my next day off.  which, as miley cyrus would put it, "i guess is pretty cool!"


tonight wes and i went for a little walk in the crisp cold to the park and back.  we need to do that more.  we talk about the most foolish and insightful matters - all on the same walk. for example we were thinking how cool it would be if we created this new workout tape/class which was all about this 'spaz out' science.  all it would consist of is spazzing out - and we would mark it proprietary. i guess it's not that funny in retrospect.  i thought it was hysterical.  but honestly - have you ever tried it?


i love when people aren't shy and they let their curtains stay open even when its dark so i can see how they fancied up their houses.  i know, i lurk.  i always have.  my sister and i used to be shameless when my dad happened to drive through really nice neighborhoods.  i think he knew our fascination so he did it for us (aww!).    

this house, however, rarely opens their curtains, but it's one of my favs.  you can't tell from this pic, but it's very tattered.  i love the combination of a tattered/paint scratched house, with phenomenal evening lighting.  they have that.  except this pic does it no justice :)


pants - thrifted
boots - steve maddens
cropped poodle sweater - forever 21 (you can't even tell i'm wearing it, but it's def a favorite)
leather jacket - vintage - don't remember where i got it from
red knit g-pa cardigan - borrowed from dear friend olga

anyway - i'm falling asleep and my nose is so cold!
happy monday eve!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

first its sunny then its rainy

some people around town say it might snow.  i seriously doubt it, though.

i just started running again on tuesday - it took a lot of will, but i remember why i like it so much when i actually do it.  that's when it was sunny.  today, i saw droplets of rain on my windshield while coming home and forget about it!  i'll have to try it again next week when this "storm" goes way.

so i got home and fixed up the house a bit for tonight's company (my brothers! - one of which is long lost ben who travels so much i don't even know where he lives anymore) so i'm excited.  maybe i'll have my parents join too if they want.  but our house is so embarrassingly small it's really hard to entertain more than like, oh...5 people at once?  see what i mean by small house?  those are our little hens (hens is code for kitties).  they remind me of little chickens laying eggs when they sit like this.


the rain outside makes me want to stare all day till someone stops me or till i creep out the UPS guy (which i think i did)

(please note how noodle is looking into the camera like 'do you MIND'?)

whenever i put up my hair in a top bun, wes calls it the "steven segal bun" since it's still only so small - no fashion sense!  i do chuckle every time i make it now.  thanks a lot wes.  i hate you. (kidding - we throw that phrase around all the time.  it's like "i love you" but flirtier)


speaking of husband - he and i went to the crocker art museum last week on my day off (our proverbial valentine's day).



i love this video projection, "rapunzel" - i want one of these at my house.  i've already talked about it in my blog before and i will continue to take pictures with it every time i go there :)

and here's a piece by me.  it's a photograph depicting little old ladies on their day away from home.  i call it 'no parking'

buh bye!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

what a cute story

of these two.  

they're so sweet together in every way.  

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


wes told me that was yesterday's word of the day.  it means "to indulge in caresses and fondling endearments".   did you have your share of canoodling yesterday? eh?

we spent the day brainstorming heavily on house projects and not going out - we're boring like that (to some that's boring :).  my creative wheel had rusted a bit - i sense that in pretty much everything i do (including what i wear, which is disappointing).  knowing that causes unnecessary anxiety - especially when i infuse myself with fantastic inspirations of online fashion bloggery.  it's supposed to be inspiring and fun - not a means for one to deem themselves inadequate and be discouraged.  i think that might be called 'inspiration anxiety' - what do people take for that?

pish tosh!  where was i?

wes and i want to get rid of our dresser and put up a plethora of shelves and racks where we could keep our clothes just folded and hung - out in the open (well maybe not everything).  we're running out of space for our stuff - and i like to keep myself on my toes.  I do occasionally (and regretfully) get rid of stuff, but that does not open up enough space, unfortunately.

so today - while i'm waiting for wes to get home early from work, i'm looking online for ideas and such. we're unofficially spending the day together sort of for valentines day since i have the day off.  our plan is to go out in the wind [i so love half overcast windy days] or just go somewhere and read.

anyway - i found these cute little mushrooms featured on the design sponge:

ok - wes be home now.   he's bickering about our neighbors wind-chimes (which i happen to love) LOL.   i gotta go.  

Thursday, February 3, 2011

sweet closeness

we just missed the narly ice/snow storms taking on the northeast.  i went to visit my sweet sister and meet her sweet little stella with these two clowns.

the ladies

if you don't already know, stella is my first ever niece!  i think my heart wants to burst how much i adore this one.  i did not expect to feel this strong about my sister's beh-beh.  and now i'm back and i'm bragging about stella to everyone at work, but it's just not the same to them!  haha.  i keep catching myself and saying "you just have to meet her".  i think i will smash my kids when i have them.  i make myself nervous sometimes.  

with that, please excuse me as i gush some pics of our much-missed weekend
for one, stella has an undying obsession with the light - any light
oh the light

socializing with the old folks.

we talked about it, and stella agreed to hand over the leopard pants for when i have a girl (or boy - whaa?)

me and katya
liza and katya


brisk and short walk.  it got cold fast :)

katya took us to this lovely vintage shop one of the days. so much eye candy!

one of the shop owners
shop owner

after coffee and macaroons at pistachia vera 

macaroons at pistachio cafe in germantown

anyway - there's much much more here if you care to see.  we spent so much time sitting at the table transitioning from breakfast into lunch it's not even funny.  stella just kept is on our toes with her cycle of eat, play, sleep. 

i guess you had to be there :)


on another note, i found a treasure which i have posted on my shop.  i also included a favorite sweater.  winter ain't goin' nowhere just yet from what i gather.  or maybe i'm just always cold!

the pants will go up there too.  soon.  

thanks for reading!!!!