Thursday, February 25, 2010

big ol'

i don't know what possesses him to care enough about one measly little headlight at this hour. all i know is i get home...and he's walking around with a "head" light on. love this feller.

anyway - the two crowns today? both on the bottom one on each side. made my whole bottom lip feel like this.

my dentist was so worried about me getting two crowns done in one sitting, he commended me afterwards with two free movie tickets. so i called wes - ecstatic - and said "we got two muh-muh-MOOBIE tikuts".

cool - well, i'm going to pack. yes. we're going cabining this weekend! why do i always have to make a wardrobe out of everything! it gets really exhausting sometimes. but i love it too much to not care.

that is all tonight loves.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

crowned me

my benefits run out on friday since i went part time and being the procrasti that i am - i just a week ago made arrangements for my dentist, foot, and glasses. glasses i can't wait for. the foot thing (tiny bump on my sole that's been there since i last remember - hurts like heck) even i'm okay with. but the fact that i have two crowns tomorrow AND the foot thing as a comprehensive little combo, i guess i'm not thrilled.

it just sucks to have to answer to the nicest dentist in the world. he said "and why haven't you already taken care of these issues since the x-rays were taken last april?" and of course my response was "cuz we're poor!" i later realized (one of the million of things running through my head while under the drill) that i actually looked poor today. you know - wearing an oversized flannel shirt and all. i told the receptionist at school if she'd like to schedule appointments for me she could, but i'm not sure how excited peeps would be to have a drooling limping hairdresser.

moral of the story - take care of yourself!

anyway - i've been thinking of possible ways to make some extra cash for while i'm in school and i just may jump on the apparel selling train. i think i would enjoy that train very much! but that's just a thought that emerged on my drive home today.

ok. ta bed with ya!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

little booger

penny's taking a sick day tomorrow - jk. such a freak. she fell asleep head on a pillow just like you an me. we covered her with a blanket and now it's almost as if she's spent all day plotting world peace - how exhausted she looks. who knows though. sometimes the way she looks out that window...i don't know.

it's raining like no mans land over here and i'm loving the way winter just wants to hang on. there's something about days like this that give me the thoughts of the most improbable possibility of work calling in tomorrow saying "hey - we're closing for the day so stay home". not good for business i know, but in my improbable world, it would still be a very successful day for my employer. everybody wins.

anyway - today was day 2 of my full-time school schedule and my days leave me surprisingly more drained. if you listen carefully you'll hear the tiny little violin playing as i narrate how hard my life is - loler. time will sure fly. and in the meantime i'll be doing some creative work with hair.

K - i'm off to bed. i leave you with one of penny's other random nap places of choice

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

vampire weeks

oh gosh. i'm back - that was awkward, n'est-ce pas ("wasn't it" in french from my high school years)?

these last few weeks have been sucking the life blood outta me - i tell ya that much. work takes 95% of my brain power - then i go to school with only the remaining 5 left - you can only imagine what goes on in my head when i get home. you're right though, that lack of brain power could make for some great blog posts - good point. i'm out of excuses.

anyways, we've changed our living room round a little bit - just started doing it one weekend (changing the house around) and once you get all the wiring involved you know you're committed. it took me a sec, but now i love it. here are some iphone shots (scuze the iquality)

oh - if you can make it out - that's penny's chair behind the couch. it's like a child's blankie - the most hideous piece of furniture in our home, but thats her watching post - that's where she monitors all the goings-on outside. well, was at least. since her flea issue began, she's not wanting to spend much time there - i think she's preserving it for when it's over. wes and i were thinking of using this as an opportunity to get rid of it. anyways, who really cares.

i've also made some new favorite vintage purchases over the last few - but alas - i'll have to show you at a later post :)

wes and i are on a winning battle with penny's flea invaders - last night we wiped the floors, sprayed everything she's sat on and frisked herself against with the flea killer stuff, combed her out and gave her some advantage treatment. at 11pm. i think she's feeling the relief - i could tell. toast to that!

i keep learning about how horrible it is not to sleep enough! someone please get in my face about that. i'm so trying to compensate for no time for me and mine it's bizarre.

well, there's really so much more, but speaking of "me and mine" wes is home and we need to have a conversation about our day (not that it'll be much different, but..).

k - love you all if you're still checking in - i love you double. seriously :)