Thursday, June 30, 2011

additions to the ol' shop

just a couple.




not too much else going on.  i have been sick-but-functional, which is the worst kind if you ask me.  if i get sick - i want it to knock me out for a day, get it over with and move on, ya know?

i also have a rather irregular schedule these days (i.e. i find out the night before my hours for tomorrow) which i'm not used to.  but i can't complain.  i happen to really like my job, so...(in the kristen wiig one-upper voice).

lol i love that woman.

ok, bye for now :) have a really great rest of your week!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


i got these at that swap i was talking about.  just snagged 'em, though they looked too big for comfort.  however, i threw them on today when getting ready for work along with those new favorite wedges (and a couple other things) and voila. ps - sorry to bore you with the fence back drop again :)





i couldn't let the kitties out this eve because we couldn't find noodle's collar.  she doesn't like wearing it - unlike penny who thinks it's part of her fancy coat.  it wouldn't be fair to noodle if penny got to enjoy the outdoors and noods didn't.  i think they're upset with me.  however, i did see their buddy, coby.  he was just sittin' on the fence!


he was meowing and yawning and getting all up close and personal.  i'm tellin' ya - the cats in this hood are something else.

overalls are from the stitch swap.  wedges are from article consignment.  blouse - don't remember, honestly.  necklace - thrifted :)


Wednesday, June 22, 2011


couple new items added to the shop.

Monday, June 20, 2011

rose wedding

have you ever been to zocalos?  our neighbors, ryan and rebekah rose - some of the truest foodies we know - work there.  ryan is head chef (i.e. he's the brains behind all the dishes) and also manages their website/blog while rebekah is one of their fabulous servers.  anyway - they got married yesterday and we got a chance to witness their lovely union.

first off - i wore this.  when i got these wedges, i knew exactly what i'd pair them with. 




enough about me! here's more of the stunning little pair. 









we somehow turned up to be on the funnest table there - everyone coincidentally didn't really know anyone else and that bonded us in the most comical way possible.  

there's more here

and then the long...dark drive home along the river.  awkward.  kidding.  it was rather exquisite actually.  wes had the top down on our old bmw - the stars were sparkly and moon's reflection in the water was just perfect, but not easily capturable :) 

as far as what i wore - the dress is banana republic - thrifted.  shoes from article consignment.  pink blazer from the stitch swap hosted by srsly liz.  i had some fun earlier in the day with la ray and olga picking through piles of clothes.  we kind of fed off each other and got a bit obnoxious sometimes i think. all in good fun of course. 

LASTLY - but certainly not least (i need to post more often so they're not this long and wordy!) - i got a little shout out from a college buddy of mine, rachel parrish, who has a fashion blog now as well.  she's the sweetest little dame and has very notable and unique style - not to mention she sings like an angel! unfortunately that's not something you can READ to know.

sweet.  this post was actually submitted yesterday but the pics for some reason didn't show - so hopefully this time it works.

thanks ya'll. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

more dates

thanks to this one, i'm obsessed with dates.  i have them with my breakfast, for snack at work, and over tea when i get home.  that's way more servings than intended.  the girls at work joke that "you'll know when you've had too many" (nudge nudge).  i haven't gone that far with them yet.  the ones at trader joes so far have been my favorite

speaking of dates, wes and i made it to sf ok for our anni weekend. remember last post i said we may be getting sick?  wes was quite the trooper carrying around his fever like it was nothing.  at least i could tell it was a fever - he was hot all over, but insistent on carrying the weekend on.  luckily we weren't doing anything too active, just reading at the beach and such.  






we did some walking around union square, i was determined to find a 'trench' or something warm to wear to the florence and the machine concert on sunday night. trench tho? what was i thinking - stores don't sell those types of things any more this season.  i ended up getting super lucky buying vintage since they don't care what's in season - they put out everything always.  i got two military coats for an amazing deal at clothes contact off of valencia where they sell vintage by the pound. 



sunday morn - we went to tartine bakery for their breakfast pastries.  wes even wanted to - swear i didn't force him.  if you remember, he wasn't initially a big fan.  he was surprised to have a simple chocolate croissant and that they didn't (his words) "taint something so beautiful and simple with pecans or cashews or coconuts or whatever the heck you people like in it".  oh brother.



robot pic

then at the flo concert some friends of ours just so happened to sit next to us.  crazy!

she put on quite an exquisite show with her flowey dress and prancing around the stage like a fairy.  i get weepy easy so this doesn't say much, but i got a bit weepy at times.  not as weepy as i did at the beach house concert, but nevertheless.  

ok - that's all for now.  tomorrow i have a day off - oh the possibilities.  

Friday, June 10, 2011

it's a cat neighborhood

its true.  they're all so friendly too! kinda creepy/awesome.

well, i must get off to bed soon - we have an early start to our weekend tomorra. a series of awkward poses, i present to you what i wore today :)

we walked to tupelo this evening as it was so breezy and beautiful.  and i love walking around!!  plus we have the coolest conversations on our walks.  example here.  wes's only stipulation is that we have a destination.  so we settled it with a trip for some coffee.  

oh yeah - i always forget to tell ya what i'm wearing (sorry! it's really never that impressive and usually thrifted, haha).  my lacey dress worn as "underdress/blouse" here is from forever 21 from like two years ago (it was a potential bridesmaids dress).  the black "party in the front" skirt i got from bows and arrows.  red blazer - thrifted.  sandals - i got them at a clothing exchange party with some girlfriends.  that's it, really. 

that's it for tonight goodfellas.  can i share with you that i hope we don't get sick.  i think we're both (especially wes) are coming down with something and are in denial about it because we want to enjoy our anniversary weekend in the bay.  comical.  i'll report back and let ya know :) 

thanks for checking in!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"every time i see a photo of myself from the past month, i think 'what was i thinking'" --chloe sevigny.  i totally hear ya, girl.  anyway, i wore this on friday, technically.  our camera ran out of battery power and for the life of us we cannot locate the charger.  so we ordered a new one.  but in the meantine, here's ma friday (and some of saturday too):





i got these flared jeans at article consignment (they're paper denim) and still feel a bit iffy about them...on me. (no, elizabeth, they look really good! keep wearing them...ok i will! haha, thanks guys!).

that crazy vintage blouse throw-over is a piece that will likely be found on my shop shortly.  if you like it you can put a ring on it. 

saturday was probably the funnest sixth birthday party i've ever been to - go eva! she's the coolest little girl - you can learn more about her on her ma's blog.  the tyannikov's sure do know how to put on an adult-friendly kid bday party.

ok.  i gotta go ta work.  this post was on draft mode since yesterday - geez.  it's getting turned in as is folks.  whatever the grade, haha.

lastly before i go - today marks 3 years of being married to wes.  woo!  i don't even know wha-haaaappen with the time.  exactly this time 3 years back i think i was eating breakfast with my bridesmaids at fox and goose.  it's been a good three.  praise the lord.

see ya!!