Tuesday, June 14, 2011

more dates

thanks to this one, i'm obsessed with dates.  i have them with my breakfast, for snack at work, and over tea when i get home.  that's way more servings than intended.  the girls at work joke that "you'll know when you've had too many" (nudge nudge).  i haven't gone that far with them yet.  the ones at trader joes so far have been my favorite

speaking of dates, wes and i made it to sf ok for our anni weekend. remember last post i said we may be getting sick?  wes was quite the trooper carrying around his fever like it was nothing.  at least i could tell it was a fever - he was hot all over, but insistent on carrying the weekend on.  luckily we weren't doing anything too active, just reading at the beach and such.  






we did some walking around union square, i was determined to find a 'trench' or something warm to wear to the florence and the machine concert on sunday night. trench tho? what was i thinking - stores don't sell those types of things any more this season.  i ended up getting super lucky buying vintage since they don't care what's in season - they put out everything always.  i got two military coats for an amazing deal at clothes contact off of valencia where they sell vintage by the pound. 



sunday morn - we went to tartine bakery for their breakfast pastries.  wes even wanted to - swear i didn't force him.  if you remember, he wasn't initially a big fan.  he was surprised to have a simple chocolate croissant and that they didn't (his words) "taint something so beautiful and simple with pecans or cashews or coconuts or whatever the heck you people like in it".  oh brother.



robot pic

then at the flo concert some friends of ours just so happened to sit next to us.  crazy!

she put on quite an exquisite show with her flowey dress and prancing around the stage like a fairy.  i get weepy easy so this doesn't say much, but i got a bit weepy at times.  not as weepy as i did at the beach house concert, but nevertheless.  

ok - that's all for now.  tomorrow i have a day off - oh the possibilities.  


  1. well well well, found your double too