Monday, June 20, 2011

rose wedding

have you ever been to zocalos?  our neighbors, ryan and rebekah rose - some of the truest foodies we know - work there.  ryan is head chef (i.e. he's the brains behind all the dishes) and also manages their website/blog while rebekah is one of their fabulous servers.  anyway - they got married yesterday and we got a chance to witness their lovely union.

first off - i wore this.  when i got these wedges, i knew exactly what i'd pair them with. 




enough about me! here's more of the stunning little pair. 









we somehow turned up to be on the funnest table there - everyone coincidentally didn't really know anyone else and that bonded us in the most comical way possible.  

there's more here

and then the long...dark drive home along the river.  awkward.  kidding.  it was rather exquisite actually.  wes had the top down on our old bmw - the stars were sparkly and moon's reflection in the water was just perfect, but not easily capturable :) 

as far as what i wore - the dress is banana republic - thrifted.  shoes from article consignment.  pink blazer from the stitch swap hosted by srsly liz.  i had some fun earlier in the day with la ray and olga picking through piles of clothes.  we kind of fed off each other and got a bit obnoxious sometimes i think. all in good fun of course. 

LASTLY - but certainly not least (i need to post more often so they're not this long and wordy!) - i got a little shout out from a college buddy of mine, rachel parrish, who has a fashion blog now as well.  she's the sweetest little dame and has very notable and unique style - not to mention she sings like an angel! unfortunately that's not something you can READ to know.

sweet.  this post was actually submitted yesterday but the pics for some reason didn't show - so hopefully this time it works.

thanks ya'll. 


  1. Ahhh, much better with the pics! Absolutely beautiful! :-)

  2. beautiful wedding! beautiful pictures! beautiful beautiful beautiful. i love how you paired the bright shoes with the pastel palette. you looked divine, my dear :-)

  3. Great pics and wedding outfit! I always have a hard rime deciding on what to wear to those big events:)

  4. wow, aren't you glad you got that blazer?! love how you wore it :)