Monday, September 10, 2012


wednesday was my birthday and although i didn't do anything super fancy (i'm only 29 anyway), i had a thoroughly fantastic one.

for one, the weather was gorgeous - and it happened to fall on my customary day off!
wes made dinner plans so while i was waiting all day at home, i did a whole lot of stuff i wouldn't normally do because i'd feel guilty spending so much time doing it!  my dilemma was, it IS my birthday and i want to make it different somehow, so...i finished off season 2 of downton abbey - read a ton, almost entirely finished my bonhoeffer book (trying to finish it before we go to europe - don't want to lug it around!), did my nails and made myself a "fancy" lunch (sauteed veggies, rice, beans and tortilla chips) - and it dawned on me how time flies!!


anyway, wes took me out to tuli bistro and then we met up with some buddies for drinks.

today i'm just enjoying the last rounds of the seasonal fruit - as much as i love the fall, it's always sad to see the really delicious ones go for several months. especially peaches.

been reading up on some of the places in france...excited to see the centre pompidou - it's like a modern/contemporary art museum/center, but the building is built inside out! (almost more excited for that than for the louvre!).  around there is also picasso's museum :) and hopefully hit up a consignment shop or two....

have a good one! 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

big sur and brother :)

i did a little recon and read a bunch of my old posts.  it's so great to see the progression of my life via this blog.  even the stupid little things like hair stages and furniture changes, etc - so much fun to see the evolution of my little life and all that it entails.  obviously not everything is on here, but still.  

so this last weekend we went camping to big sur for a change.  usually we do dillon beach around labor day (and my birthday which is tomorrow btw ;)  the sur definitely did not disappoint.  of course it helps to have a fun crowd :) 



olga's fancy styled plate


liska helping with lunch prep




it was so hard not to pull over every mile, the scapes were breathtaking.  unfortunately it was a tad cloudy on the way back so the pics don't convey it as well


this is wes almost falling off the cliff, no big deal.

anyway about a week before that, my brother anton came to visit from ohio with his sweet girlfriend kenzie.  they had a lot of folks to touch base with so unfortunately, of that entire week they were here, i was able to get a couple of hours of hang out time here and there. sure is better than nothing though :)



lastly - i'm getting more and more excited about europe! it's only a month away!!! i'm taking any and all suggestions of place you may have heard of/been to that are absolute must see's (eiffel tower and louvre stuff goes without saying...)

alrighty - peace!

ps i got more items up on my shop :)