Friday, November 22, 2013

mila matchell

hey guys! 

meet my daughter mila faye matchell! this isn't the newborn pic of her but it's one of my favorites.  it was taken by anna gavrilov at tessa's 5th bday party

she decided to show up on 10/29 and it's been a whole new world since then.  she's a perfect little soul and we're so excited to have her join our little fam bam.  i have to keep it kinda short unfortch (15 minutes till her nap is over and it's time to eat!) but i'll try to make up for it with pictures - mostly from my phone since it's always with me and my finger is on the camera icon like 90% of the time ;)

when she was born we decided to allow all who wanted to visit to come and visit. i know there are "rules" about these things sometimes...i.e. no visitors other than close close fam and maybe a couple of friends - and i totally respect that...but we realized she will have all these people in her life loving on her why not meet them now! it just blows my mind the joy a newborn infant brings to peoples faces.  she's so innocent and literally counts on us for everything (other than breathing!), but yeah, i snapped pics of the family and friends who came to say hello to mila. (btw pronounced meela, not milah like miley - some folks get that confused. already)

 this pic is probably a little tmi but this is mila progressing towards her arrival. kind of not the time for pics but somehow we ended up with a couple, lol.

the moment i met her face to face was so surreal.  i thought i would be in tears and her face would be somehow familiar to me, but it was a little different.  when she came out and they placed her on my chest right away she had this angry little old lady face with one open eye and she was looking right at me. we had to stare at each other for a good minute to let it sink in and to grasp what seriously just happened.

wes's (almost)  first time holding a baby.

exhibit a (about babies making people happy) - my brother doesn't normally smile for pictures

and then we brought her home at which point wes gave her the whole tour including specific details about all the renovations we did around the house.  we bought it with her in mind after all.

she got to meet the tyannikovs and her "sisters".  it melts my heart that tessa considers herself as mila's big sister

and she met my ma (who will never be convinced that everyone is warm enough)

and wes's ma

this is the latest pic of her and i'm baffled by how quickly her features are coming in.  the receding hairline might take a minute but somehow it works on her :) 

that is all for now! thanks for checking back :) mommy hood definitely took me by storm in the best way possible.  definitely not without its challenges - which is a very loaded statement, but at the end of the day, this period is so short i always tell myself despite the tough moments/hours/nights, etc, it won't last and one day i'll miss this time.  i think.  lol.

ok, thanks again! sorry this is a bit of a sloppy post, get what you get and you don't get upset (is that how the saying goes?)