Thursday, October 28, 2010


because i should be enjoying the gloomy weather studying at a old soul - studying.  crap.  i hate saying crap, but i don't like to cuss in public.  even in writing.  so i say stupid words like 'crap'.

besides me needing to be studying, i'm excitedly anxious because i just purchased this lovely garment from magic2art on etsy:

besides having purchased this garment, i'm watching dexter - AND studying.  so 50% studying now and then 100% studying when wes gets home.  we'll go out - he could read and study (he studies just for himself - weirdo) or help me study, and i'll study.  

i may be blowing this state board thing out of proportion, but honestly, i don't care to do it again.  ever.  

finally, i'm a bit anxious because i started a lookbook.  now i'm really exposed.  oh well.  like it or leave it people.  

stupid dexter.  

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

chandeliers made of bike parts


seriously.  i'd own one if you twisted my arm - i think our home needs a little simplifying and i'd be happy to exchange a couple of other items for one of these, that's for sure. 

on another note, my fascination with the show dexter couldn't show up at a more inconvenient time.  i'm taking my state board test next tuesday and wes won't let me watch the new ones until i catch up.  i have 4 more seasons to go.  seriously the biggest distraction, bros. 

anyway - i'll leave you with this outfit - i wore it the other day and hadn't the opportunity to post.  plus, i was trying out the middle part on my hairs. sort of - a very messy, perhaps mis-guided middle part.  having a reaaaaally hard time with the growing out of it.  i hoped i'd be creative enough to work with muh hairs at this stage :)

denim button-up shirt - vintage
aztec knit sweater (reversible) - vintage (got it at a shop in brooklyn - very prized piece)
denim shorts - vintage
tights - forever 21
gold pleated flats - vintage


Sunday, October 24, 2010

new items on my etsy

finally - my shop is not bare bones :)

i'm featuring this gorgeous suede flight jacket and the button up western shirt.

it was raining in my coffee so i was trying to hurry it up with the posing.  but this is probably my favorite fall outfit and i'm tempted to re-wear it tomorra.  time saver!

western button-up shirt - vintage
sheer grey tent dress - urban outfitters
loafters - vintage
suede jacket - vintage
fur scarf - vintage
tights - urban outfitters
woven belt - vintage


dinner at my parents' house tonight was, as usual, a delight.  we always start with ambitious plans to 'go out', but end up back at their house for dinner.  going out is more stressful than fun.  particularly for me - just watching my ma order and try to decide on what to get is enough to keep me tense.  i like being at the house where i can force my little bro to stay downstairs and socialize with the family.  poor kid.  talk about contrived.  he secretly likes the attention :)
he wouldn't stand still.  and my ma was using my iphone to take pics.  


finally, i've officially made this amazing wolf blanket our bed cover.  we bought it in july when we went camping to dillon beach - the purchase was definitely a desperate attempt to stay ward for the night.  it's always so cold there even during summers - blanket vendors have a permanent spot. 

anyway - that is all.  

here's the ladies doing my favorite thing - staring out the window(s).  any window is good


Thursday, October 21, 2010

dinner with friends

here's what i'm wearing. 

i like wearing the same color in a different tone.  

fur hood - urban outfitters - gift from husband
knit blouse - vintage (borrowed)
skirt - vintage
knit tights - urban outfitters
trench - vintage
shoes - vintage

um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um 

anywho - apparently some depressed/deranged fella set the roseville galleria mall on fire.  seeing the video and photo footage, i can't help but feel really sorry for him.  not an excuse for what he did of course, but i have a heavy heart for the guy.  ugh!  modern kids!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


that's what we did with the color of olya's lovely little roots on tuesday.  oh the joys of blond up keep :)  soon, it'll take less and less time, crow.  i'm taking notes on how your hairs behave.  

i finally hung the hound dog rug.  it does not belong on the floor with the dust bunnies and the little ladies using it as traction.

done with school - but still keeping busy.  state board is in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS.  i keep feeling sick to my stomach a little bit.  and then feeling too lax.  two extremes.  what can i say - i'm an extreme kind of a gal :)

off to b-e-d.  here's noodle.  being sweet.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

rearranging -

very glad i managed to make it to the crocker art museum compliments to my mary lou yesterday.  i think my favorite piece by far was this video animation/projection titled "rapunzel" - and it's the first one you come across too so it pretty much stole the show for me :)

after i came home from that i went nuts with re-organizing every nook and cranny at my house and getting rid of a bunch of stuff.  i like to pretend like we'll be moving soon so that i'm forced to get rid of stuff.  otherwise, i'm my papa's daughter - i kind of hoard.  such an ugly word considering some of the things i keep - treasures from a long time ago and then the clothes!  should i wait around for the trend to come back or no?  lol.  sad.  the rule is DON'T THINK TWICE.  if you're done, you're done.  

so ya - if you could see the types of decisions i had to make yesterday, you know it's been a long yet productive day.  not to mention we, (as in my dear crow, mary lou, and i) finally purchased tickets to go see my fabulous sister in the end of january 2011.  her little bebe stella - my first niece ever - will be two months by then.  this is katya - preggers (i stole this pic from her facebook - hope you don't mind.  you're on my blog - you're famous! fist pump for you)

it was so funny because when i came back after coffee and purchasing plane tix with olga, i had to check some of the cupboards i redid just to make sure i wasn't dreaming that i did all that.  


anyway - today (as in sunday) - october showed up!  thank you lord!  and i am in a state of euphoria.  first, it's re-organizing part deux.  then i make the trip to goodwill donation - and try to sell some clothes at freestyle

THEN, if i have time, i can post new items on my sad etsy.  that is if i don't start redecorating - i mean might as well since i'm on a roll.  we'll see. 

ok - that's it.  if i switch some things up will share :)  keep it real. 

Friday, October 15, 2010

i'm finally functional

time to clean house.

this is noodle stepping out for the first time - we've been meaning to make her collar tags that has one of our numbers on it (in case she runs off like a spaz) which is what kept us from letting her out for so long.  anyway - for the time being, i put on our late kitty sylvia's tag which, yes, we still have.

it was so cute - penny was such a big sister looking out.  in the end - she definitely felt safe seeing the doorway open just in case she needs to dart back in - which she did when she saw the mail man.

one more thing before i blast my music and go cinderella.  SUN BOXES.  as featured on design milk - it's an installation that is made of a solar-powered series of 20 speakers, each continuously playing a different guitar note in a looped set. Together, these guitar notes make a Bb chord. Because the loops are different in length, once the piece begins they continually overlap and play some truly beautiful music — all from nature.
so magical!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

tsbeen a while

since i've been this sick.  after reading a bit and even studying for state board (not to mention the shot of vodka), i found myself on youtube and surfing the web - normally surfing the web overwhelms and stresses me out in a sense because of how much there is to see and know and yet there's so much you can covet/look at/listen to in a lazy lethargic state.  ya know?

anyway - i've taken an ear to kid cudi's sound and am loving it.  here's a performance he did on conan very early this year called pursuit of happiness ft. mgmt:

and a cover of the very song by lissie (un-censored version, fyi) which i thought was pretty lovely as well (i don't promote drunk driving, though - it's in the song a bit:)

sorry - one more.  this is 'canadian girl' by the walkmen.  it makes me want to dance, unreservedly.  i only do that at concerts, and MAYBE weddings if i had a drink or two. the song actually starts at exactly 50 seconds if you want to skip through all the talk:

on another note - i would seriously appreciate it if the cold got here already?  i have purchased a couple of vintage coats over the last couple of weeks, and would like to wear one.  and as if i hadn't had enough to keep me warm, i sense a strong urge to purchase this blanket coat from uo:

i'll sell all my other ones if i have to, haha.  i'll prolly sell them anyway - then i'd be left with no choice. and that is my plan.

that's it for now.  i need to stop looking at screens!!

love ya

Sunday, October 10, 2010

oh dear blog

i will have more time for you this coming monday.  when i finish my program, thank you very much!

there's still state board on 11/2


i finally sold this - i just came across a cute denim jacket today and thought to myself, "nah, i have an even better one at home with fringe and everything - way better.  it's not like someone's going to buy it anytime soon".  haha.  who knew - good bye old friend.  so glad you're going to a good home!

you know that means i have a mad new set of items to post.  (if you're still following).  

well, for now.  good night.  i'm going to go OCD on our closet right now.  wes is at a bachelor party, and i want to organize our closet.  our whole house actually, but the closet is a start.

prolly won't get far.