Sunday, October 17, 2010

rearranging -

very glad i managed to make it to the crocker art museum compliments to my mary lou yesterday.  i think my favorite piece by far was this video animation/projection titled "rapunzel" - and it's the first one you come across too so it pretty much stole the show for me :)

after i came home from that i went nuts with re-organizing every nook and cranny at my house and getting rid of a bunch of stuff.  i like to pretend like we'll be moving soon so that i'm forced to get rid of stuff.  otherwise, i'm my papa's daughter - i kind of hoard.  such an ugly word considering some of the things i keep - treasures from a long time ago and then the clothes!  should i wait around for the trend to come back or no?  lol.  sad.  the rule is DON'T THINK TWICE.  if you're done, you're done.  

so ya - if you could see the types of decisions i had to make yesterday, you know it's been a long yet productive day.  not to mention we, (as in my dear crow, mary lou, and i) finally purchased tickets to go see my fabulous sister in the end of january 2011.  her little bebe stella - my first niece ever - will be two months by then.  this is katya - preggers (i stole this pic from her facebook - hope you don't mind.  you're on my blog - you're famous! fist pump for you)

it was so funny because when i came back after coffee and purchasing plane tix with olga, i had to check some of the cupboards i redid just to make sure i wasn't dreaming that i did all that.  


anyway - today (as in sunday) - october showed up!  thank you lord!  and i am in a state of euphoria.  first, it's re-organizing part deux.  then i make the trip to goodwill donation - and try to sell some clothes at freestyle

THEN, if i have time, i can post new items on my sad etsy.  that is if i don't start redecorating - i mean might as well since i'm on a roll.  we'll see. 

ok - that's it.  if i switch some things up will share :)  keep it real. 


  1. We made it out to the crocker yesterday and enjoyed all the changes also.

  2. I absolutely loved that projection piece as well. Absolutely my favorite. Can't wait to see your version of the toe cap project!