Thursday, April 28, 2011

mixed prints much?

i did.  yesterday actually.  i know it's kind of overkill on the editing into b&w or "yesteryear", but it helps with the really blah background(s) - like the red door, which you'd never know was red because it's now b&w.





the prints aren't that mixed, now that i think about it.  they're on the verge of mixed, but i think that's what i really like about this combo!  is that they could almost pass for a dress if they were both sowed together at the seams, what do you think?  either way.

oh - here's the other mini project i completed late late easter eve.  i'm talking like at midnight against any sort of better judgment, i pounded just one little nail into the wall - of course the same night my sweet neighbors returned from their exhausting trip.  but my logic was they were SO out of it, they couldn't even hear the pounding.  plus, it was just wes in the living room on the other side of this wall anyway.  PLUS i was working off the cappuccino i had from naked at like 10 - also against better judgment.  sorry am i really still talking about this?  i just wanted to have a mini collage to balance out the shelves we built, is all.
that black and white tear-drop piece was my doodling with charcoal on paper.  i kind of found it when i was going through our bookshelf (another mini proj) and found my ol' sketch book.

lately the looks in the chloe ads have been added to my lookbook/inspiration binder.  the uber smooth hair and subtly frayed edges, the color pallets of the outfits.  whut whut?

that is all for today.
muah - thanks for reading folks :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

close one guys

i was getting ready to head home from work, and decided to restock some product as my last to-do.  don't know what possessed me to take my wedding ring off as i was walking into our back/storage room (i think i was contemplating putting on lotion and my body just automatically thought "take off your ring"...anyway), buuuuut the ring just flew outta my hand, down through the wire shelving and all the product, and onto the dust bunnied floor way behind the shelves somewhere.  all is well folks, i found it eventually.  i panicked inwardly, but that was mostly all.  it's mad because its due for a cleaning.

oh and i wore this.  the blouse and pants are both vintage finds.

i just let my hair do its thing today, thought i'd give it a wee little break.  not really a fan of what it does when i do that.  normally i at least put some sort of texture product in it, whether it's bumble and bumble's texture product or the texture cream by enjoy.

anywho - my sweet neighbors gave me some radishes and wine as a thank you for watering their garden.  i just shared some with my friend lidyia after a little trim at my place.

lastly, if i could only express how excited i am that the little ladies are finally playing in their kitty tree.

i had to specially set it up for them out by our laundry area - that was one of my weekend projects.  along with many others - perhaps i'll share some photos later :)


Saturday, April 23, 2011

friday saturday buzz

today since i got off work early i'm taking advantage of the time and doing tiny projects that i put off from weeks ago.  and perhaps post yesterday's outfit too :)

the shorts are thrifted levi's that are like 5 sizes too big that i cut off.  tights are uo.  the oxfords were gifted to me by this one.  the stripe blouse is a vintage piece and so is this amazing eyelet throw-over.  it's actually part of a vintage 3 piece set that goes with this skirt from a couple of posts back.  





later last night wes and i dyed eggs the way my ma used to do it.  it's so neat - you should try it!  they turn out like this beautiful earthy brown color with an imprint of whatever you like.  we mostly used leaves, but then started getting all silly.  all you need is some super cheap nylon stockings, leaves or paper cut-outs of basically any shape you want, you could also used rubber bands or string to make patterns. press them against the egg - wrap in nylon, and throw into pre-boiled onion skin water (i used brown peel from 4 large onions and it was plenty): 





and there you have it.  now i have to think of what to do with four large onions.  any ideas?!  seriously.  

ok.  lastly - look who likes to hang out in the fridge the couple of seconds it's open.  ps, try not to get distracted by the dichotomy of wes's and my eating preferences.  
do you see dat face?!

and of course here comes noodle who follows everything penny does.  

see ya laters

Thursday, April 21, 2011

good ol' wednesday

veggie watering day.  i got to hang out in my neighbors' garden again.  and hey - here's what i wore today.  this peacock-esque skirt is one of my finds at bows and arrows from a couple of posts back.  i told the girls at work it's my 'party in the front, business in the back' skirt when they commented on it, lol.  my nude short sleeve button up is j.crew (thrifted), socks are anthro and boots are uo.






that's about all.  thanks for stopping by!

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Monday, April 18, 2011


i woke up this morning so grateful for no pain! all the sudden saturday evening i developed throbbing pain in one of my molars that lasted all day sunday. i tried all sorts of home remedies - oregano, garlic, vodka (the russian remedy to all ailments) - and then ended up taking vicoden for the night.  i think the combination of all those things killed my nerve because i feel like a pulse in my tooth but no pain. wes and i are researching dental insurance in case you were going to leave a comment to "go to the dentist" (actually, please feel free to leave such a comment - i love comments!  they're like christmas morning). oh, and for the record, i do floss.

lets move on shall we - the important thing is i got to go to work, of course only to leave early because of another minor medical emergency - seriously though, i'll spare you.

here's what i wore to work today.  it was a bit overcast which called for the longer sleeves.

this cropped button up sweet thing is the most comfortable thing in the world.  will be up in my shop shortly :)


pants are from uo

the snake skin loafters are enzo, but i don't remember where exactly i got them

oh yeah, and the blazer is thrifted.  blazers are a common staple in my wardrobe.

how about you, do you like blazers?

g'night lads!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

veggie garden

with pleasure i accepted the task of watering our neighbors' veggie garden while they're away for a week+.  she said she'd share them with me - in fact, they'll be on their honeymoon when the veggies are all ripened and ready to eat so we were joking how we'll end up eating all the fruit of their labor when they're gone lol.  that's why i thought i'd contribute to the "labor" (i hear planting is the easiest part - it's the watering that's a little complicated.  kidding i case you can't tell :)

the hose was leaky so i'm glad i wore sandal-ey shoes.


i was so excited to wear this sheer polka wonder.  i got it from my friend liska's etsy shop last year and it's the perfect size/fabric/color - perfect for days like this.
the shorts are just severely oversized slacks that i cut off.

and then penny was being childlike and asking me to hold her - i heard her motor purring like a hundred feet away
of course the picture only caught when she was done being held.  it would have been so much cuter had the shutter gone off one second earlier! thanks penny.


it's seriously a gorgeous today - weather-wise. i started my day with a cappuccino with olga and tessa at the chocolate fish.  by far the best cappuccino's if you can make it in while they're open - they have kind of limited hours, that is my only complaint.  and now i'm just taking care of business being a busy body at home, trying to keep one foot out the door and the other inside.  just finished listening to the morning benders and moving on to the walkmen, which i can't get enough of.

anyway, on with my day - thanks for reading!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

wearing hair down

feels good.  today we went wavy.  oh and i wore this to work.  mostly wes's tshirt and grandpa sweater i thrifted for him a couple of weeks back.  the morning was overcast and rainy looking, so the sweater made sense.  somehow the shoes didn't, but i can't resist a pair of jessica simpson clunky pumps that make me 6'3".  i don't mind being a giant.  plus when i'm around wes, i'm still shorter, which i like :)





kind of stuck with the self-timer today so i apologize for the mis-focus in my pics.  

as far as everything else - not too significant of a day, really.  got a parking ticket, trimmed my friend's hair, and had some peanuts (just now, actually).  note to self: you can start riding your bike to work now!!!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

weekend in sf

friday night through saturday - it just so happens that six years ago we started our romantic relationship.  the wedding anni is in june, but we thought we'd celebrate this one as well. cuz we're cheeeez balllsssss!

anyway, the plan was to hang out in sf all day saturday, but we ended up just going to the embarcadero market in the morning, hitting up union square, and then just heading home via hwy 1 and stopping at muir woods/beach and everything in between.  we ended up at the tower theatre here at home watching win win.  we ended up really liking it.  there were so many things in it that - had they gone in a different direction - would make the movie the 'typical hollywood hit'.  but they didn't.  i think i'm saying that all wrong - does it make sense?  bah, english...second lengwich (sp? jk!).  go see it - you'll know what i mean :)


i basically wore my beloved esprit boots once again.  also i love wearing my drapey coral cardigan.  that's all.  just love it.  especially with shorts - because the drapeyness will draw attention away from my awkwardish legs.








and then on sunday we celebrated my pa's bday - where i thought i would double task and chop off this boy's hair while he felt like it.  btw he reminded me so so much of the kid in win win! character and looks.


what a darling.  he will spite me for calling him that, but i am his elder sister.  just trying to get a head start to an ongoing battle which i'm sure he'll win as i get older and older.


that's it you guys.