Tuesday, April 26, 2011

close one guys

i was getting ready to head home from work, and decided to restock some product as my last to-do.  don't know what possessed me to take my wedding ring off as i was walking into our back/storage room (i think i was contemplating putting on lotion and my body just automatically thought "take off your ring"...anyway), buuuuut the ring just flew outta my hand, down through the wire shelving and all the product, and onto the dust bunnied floor way behind the shelves somewhere.  all is well folks, i found it eventually.  i panicked inwardly, but that was mostly all.  it's mad because its due for a cleaning.

oh and i wore this.  the blouse and pants are both vintage finds.

i just let my hair do its thing today, thought i'd give it a wee little break.  not really a fan of what it does when i do that.  normally i at least put some sort of texture product in it, whether it's bumble and bumble's texture product or the texture cream by enjoy.

anywho - my sweet neighbors gave me some radishes and wine as a thank you for watering their garden.  i just shared some with my friend lidyia after a little trim at my place.

lastly, if i could only express how excited i am that the little ladies are finally playing in their kitty tree.

i had to specially set it up for them out by our laundry area - that was one of my weekend projects.  along with many others - perhaps i'll share some photos later :)



  1. wow, you're such a good mom, buying them one of those trees! i can't do it... but i'm getting there. ha. they're just so...big.

  2. i know, it took a while cuz, well you know - it's kind of a cat tree, there's no way of going around it :). for some reason though when it was out in the open in our living room, they didn't go for it, till i put it in our tucked away laundry area. it's almost like they were embarrassed about the way it looked too, lol. but they love it now :)