Monday, April 18, 2011


i woke up this morning so grateful for no pain! all the sudden saturday evening i developed throbbing pain in one of my molars that lasted all day sunday. i tried all sorts of home remedies - oregano, garlic, vodka (the russian remedy to all ailments) - and then ended up taking vicoden for the night.  i think the combination of all those things killed my nerve because i feel like a pulse in my tooth but no pain. wes and i are researching dental insurance in case you were going to leave a comment to "go to the dentist" (actually, please feel free to leave such a comment - i love comments!  they're like christmas morning). oh, and for the record, i do floss.

lets move on shall we - the important thing is i got to go to work, of course only to leave early because of another minor medical emergency - seriously though, i'll spare you.

here's what i wore to work today.  it was a bit overcast which called for the longer sleeves.

this cropped button up sweet thing is the most comfortable thing in the world.  will be up in my shop shortly :)


pants are from uo

the snake skin loafters are enzo, but i don't remember where exactly i got them

oh yeah, and the blazer is thrifted.  blazers are a common staple in my wardrobe.

how about you, do you like blazers?

g'night lads!