Saturday, April 16, 2011

veggie garden

with pleasure i accepted the task of watering our neighbors' veggie garden while they're away for a week+.  she said she'd share them with me - in fact, they'll be on their honeymoon when the veggies are all ripened and ready to eat so we were joking how we'll end up eating all the fruit of their labor when they're gone lol.  that's why i thought i'd contribute to the "labor" (i hear planting is the easiest part - it's the watering that's a little complicated.  kidding i case you can't tell :)

the hose was leaky so i'm glad i wore sandal-ey shoes.


i was so excited to wear this sheer polka wonder.  i got it from my friend liska's etsy shop last year and it's the perfect size/fabric/color - perfect for days like this.
the shorts are just severely oversized slacks that i cut off.

and then penny was being childlike and asking me to hold her - i heard her motor purring like a hundred feet away
of course the picture only caught when she was done being held.  it would have been so much cuter had the shutter gone off one second earlier! thanks penny.


it's seriously a gorgeous today - weather-wise. i started my day with a cappuccino with olga and tessa at the chocolate fish.  by far the best cappuccino's if you can make it in while they're open - they have kind of limited hours, that is my only complaint.  and now i'm just taking care of business being a busy body at home, trying to keep one foot out the door and the other inside.  just finished listening to the morning benders and moving on to the walkmen, which i can't get enough of.

anyway, on with my day - thanks for reading!


  1. cute girl! i love the cat loving picture... i know the feeling :)

  2. thanks girls!

    i know, i hate how cats call their own terms sometimes. but they're so so cute!!!!

  3. love that top! I can't seem to get enough polka dots!