Tuesday, April 12, 2011

weekend in sf

friday night through saturday - it just so happens that six years ago we started our romantic relationship.  the wedding anni is in june, but we thought we'd celebrate this one as well. cuz we're cheeeez balllsssss!

anyway, the plan was to hang out in sf all day saturday, but we ended up just going to the embarcadero market in the morning, hitting up union square, and then just heading home via hwy 1 and stopping at muir woods/beach and everything in between.  we ended up at the tower theatre here at home watching win win.  we ended up really liking it.  there were so many things in it that - had they gone in a different direction - would make the movie the 'typical hollywood hit'.  but they didn't.  i think i'm saying that all wrong - does it make sense?  bah, english...second lengwich (sp? jk!).  go see it - you'll know what i mean :)


i basically wore my beloved esprit boots once again.  also i love wearing my drapey coral cardigan.  that's all.  just love it.  especially with shorts - because the drapeyness will draw attention away from my awkwardish legs.








and then on sunday we celebrated my pa's bday - where i thought i would double task and chop off this boy's hair while he felt like it.  btw he reminded me so so much of the kid in win win! character and looks.


what a darling.  he will spite me for calling him that, but i am his elder sister.  just trying to get a head start to an ongoing battle which i'm sure he'll win as i get older and older.


that's it you guys.



  1. Your hair looks amazing! And I love you and miss you!

  2. Thank you for wearing that cardigan, so I wouldn't be distracted by your awkward legs in every picture!

    You get out of here!

  3. Wes has a nice round head....thats good. I like Antons hair....he looks like Justin Bieber

  4. thanks maryo and amber!!

    ol'ka LOL. they are, ok?!

    katya i hope my kid has his head shape. it's the perfect little shape :) and the beiber effect was due to no product in his head. which i definitely immediately mitigated with a little styling wax LOL.

  5. Love your entertaining blog! :)