Friday, October 18, 2013

flower potluck baby shower

my sweet friends olga, la ray, and jessie threw me a baby shower - it was like the baby shower i always envisioned i would have if/when i finally came around to having a babe.   they did a flower potluck theme and that was the main activity - simple! delicious finger foods, cock(mock)tails, and just all/most of my friends.  there, for me.  it was so overwhelming all the love seeping out of these women i could barely handle it.  granted, wes and i were thrown several showers - one by his work, my work, and one by my mama-in-law - and we couldn't be more appreciative of people coming around to pour out their love towards our "incoming".

anyway, here are some pics from the flower potluck.  all of the flowers made for some beautiful pictures.  my friend liska assumed the role of documenting everything with my camera which i couldn't be more thankful for.

these clowns put together my dream flower crown.

amazing bill murray onesie from truly sanctuary  included in my gift from aglassjar.

christine making her bouquet

that's about it - this was three weeks ago and i'm now full term - just awaiting our babe's arrival - not due till october 27th but we don't mind if she shows up any day now even though we're around 80% ready for her arrival.  we're still working on the name - sounds pretty sad that we don't have one picked out but whatever it'll be, it'll be so her.

peace out!