Monday, September 9, 2013

it's been some time but i'm back! and i'm 30 now. AND 8 and a half months pregnant 0_o

we finally finished the house and it's been feeling more like home with every project we knocked out of the way.  when we moved in about two months ago, it still felt pretty construction site-y.  luckily we've had reasons to get moving on these projects - like house guests who stayed over the weekend for a friend's wedding (we had to finish the guest bathroom) and also a big 30th birthday bash that wes put together for me.  let's just say we've had fire under our butts to get things done. it was hectic and stressful, and so many of our friends lent helping hands, but so worth it! and all throughout, the camera has been stowed away and sadly we have very little documented that i can put up here.  we've been so preoccupied with finishing this house i think the whole process demotivated my creative/journalistic wheel a little bit.

BUT, we did photograph some of my party.  although it was a bday party, because we had folks from every corner of my life, it also served as a bit of a house warming.  it's not often we throw such big bashes, but when life calls for them - they are definitely a must and super fun ;-)

these two drove up all the way from fresno too and liska helped me with some of the food prep :-*

we had a little taco bar with all the fixings - cuz who doesn't like a taco! a bunch of my friends contributed on the fixings and it made it extra special.

anyway - that's all folks.  thanks for checking in! now that it's mellowing out a little bit i'll be sure to update more ;-)