Wednesday, December 4, 2013

november festivities and mila

well november came and went and my child is now a month and a week old.  just a glimpse at what people mean when they say time flies when you have kids - it flies anyway - but with a little baby you have a visual marker that says "look at me this week my eyebrows are growing in" or "i'm all of a sudden two inches taller!" so with that, we keep the camera handy (probably a little too handy) for every mundane little thing. and naturally, since i'm home all day long with this little wonder, my blog posts will more often than not be about her and life with her.  i'll be getting back to work on saturdays so it will be nice to get into the swing of things in the hair world again. hopefully more hair stylist related posts to come! but for is november with mila bar.

this is her second bath - it took a couple of times if you can tell by the look on her face but she's into it now :) 

we had a very intimate thanksgiving at wes's parents house.  my brother was able to join in later which was super special since my immediate family is spread out all over the country and we can't do holidays together as much anymore

more pics of all kinds of stuff here and here

finally, we had some close friends over for dinner.  it was a first hosting experience since mila's arrival - i do enjoy having people over.  hope to hone up my "hosting" skillz (say that five times). this time it was easy since liska did pretty much all of the cooking ;) and naturally she brought her camera(s) with her to snap a couple of shots of our little fam bam. i had to include just a couple here - they turned out so lovely. we're hoping it's not too late to use one for xmas cards this year. 

dinner and quality time followed :)

tessa with mila = cute overload

these were also taken by liska with my cam.

thanks for checking in!