Wednesday, November 10, 2010

lens and quality time

saturday was wonderfully spent with ma beardman.  he found this guy selling a tamron 28-75 mm lens in san francisco.  so with no hidden motive (haha) wes asked if i'd like to take a trip to sf with him and just stop by this guy's house to pick up a lens.  he's cleber.

i was testing out the lens on some dude who fell asleep on the side of the street.

we then traveled to tartine bakery for lunch.  i was more excited than wes, i'm sure.  he calls it 'chic food'. side note. wes standing in line for chic food.  classic.  how do i get this boy out of his food box, geez.  somebody help! 

i got the croque monsieur with shiitake mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes

we shared a morning glory bun, but i lusted after all the other desserts behind the glass.

we took our food to-go and ate our meals at twin peaks.  i forget how crowded that place gets in good weather.   

everyone wants that cliche shot of them and the city in the background. 

anyway - on our way home we stopped at the golden gate bridge.  for how often i've been there (and the short period of time i lived there when we immigrated), i've never actually walked the bridge.  

i have this morbid curiosity as to how long of a ways down it is for those who plan on jumping.  and there are lots.  i like to think that they don't follow through (or survive).  i know that's not the case though.  

sorry, morbid, i know.  

but ya, let's move on. 

ps, i like our new lens.  the guy said there were a bunch of focus problems, but we didn't have any, other than the fact that it needed a new lens cap.  they normally run for nothing short of $300, even used.  the guy sold it for $150?  

hence the trip.  jk.  the trip was to spend time together.  haha. 

Monday, November 8, 2010

like clock-work

more items up on my shop.

and more!

wes and i made a trip out to sf on saturday to pick up a lens we purchased for our cam.  spent a lovely day there - and i'd like to share about it all. tomorrow. 

thanks for checking in! 


Monday, November 1, 2010

all that anticipation

and here i am.  it would all be over tomorrow if it wasn't for 'yelizabeta'.  the cool immigrant name and a bit of a curse too.  long story short, state board had found a name discrepancy and will be rescheduling. oh well, i guess i needed more time to. study.

but on a funner note - here is an unofficial start to my unofficial 'wish list'.  i don't know, xmas i guess, is it too soon, in hopes of my husband somehow venturing to read my blog.

to start - in the shoe department

dulce vita's amsterdam platform pump sold by uo.  i'm so into comfortable heels, what can i say?  these are heels.

with regard to jewelry - this bear ring is quite admirable.  i actually spotted ms coury of fancytreehouse wearing an enviable antler one by sea of bees jewelry, and followed the link to a treasure chest.  any item from that website will do, honey :)

good night y'all!