Wednesday, February 8, 2012


hey! i put up some new things on my shop - there were rumors that i was going under, but nope.  still here! jk.  oh btw i have an etsy shop. here's a sample of what's in store :)

go to the link to see more will ya.

anywho - work has been keeping us busy surprisingly for jan/feb - people still want to get their hair done even though it's not the holidays! who knew, lol.  but as always i'm keeping my eyes open for inspiration - cuts, color, etc. - for myself and other victims people.  here's one for me - i'm planning on going lighter unless i change my mind by the time i make the appt :)
i got this pic on pinterest :)
maybe something a tad darker

oh and how about that superbowl! hehe jk.  in all reality, i am football retarded (i know not pc! - but you know in the olden days they said "retarded" for late, so) - very slow at understanding what is going on. friends have tried explaining it to me.  maybe it's an immigrant thing or an a-d-d thing (self-diagnosed).  (all the immigrants and a-d-d people, shush!)

anyway - thank you! till next post :)