Friday, July 30, 2010

went to camp

at dillon beach again this year.  kind of become a tradition with some of the folks from last year: 
i saw this trailer and thought - do you have to be rich or poor to own one?  either way - i'd own one.  and if i was really carefree and unattached, location-wise - i'd live in it and travel with my husband.  the only thing is that we don't really have a talent that we could use to make some extra bucks. illogical money-wise.  so i guess you'd have to be rich then.
i absolutely love dune grass.  i'd love to have a house with dune grass for my front yard. 
and of course the campfires that penetrate the hair and clothes.  oh sooo wonderful. 

the rest of them are found here, if you want to see.  wes and i got a 50 mm lens for our camera and i couldn't stop myself.  


in more news, my uncle had gone to be with the lord on friday.  he's been suffering from cancer, physically, but his responses to the "how are you"'s over the last couple of weeks have been "i'm learning" or "under construction".  to have such an outlook takes strength that cannot be drawn from oneself, that's for sure. he did not look strong, to say the least.  but his faith had become sight.  can't imagine how that must be. 


well, and finally, i made another sale.  good-bye little yellow number. more coming soon so stay tuned :)


also, i'm in the tiana vega designing dreams charity fashion show on aug 7th, hosted by couture connection.  i'd love to eventually do hair for those, but to model in one is such a privilege. furreal.  


finally.  the coles have some amazing new sounds - i want me them downloads.  give them an ear - you haven't heard anything like this yet. 

anywhooo. with family being in town and such, i had some time from school and today, after the post-funeral luncheon, had an opportunity for a nap! imagine that!  

well - aights. g'night dears. 

Sunday, July 11, 2010

bahama mama

hot hawt weekend.  

saturday wesley and i cooled off at folsom

and new items on etsy

thanks for stopping by - hava good night folks!  welcome week.  

Thursday, July 8, 2010

thursday. done.

since wes and i got our degrees in business - we're always evaluating business's customer service and marketing.  it's automatic now.  we always have THE best ideas for how companies should market.  for a free consultation - just leave me a comment - JK jk.  omg.

but honestly - i have to mention if you're ever in the roseville area - go here, to bloom coffee.  they have the most velvety cappuccino's on the face of roseville planet.  not even joking - they opened about a year or so ago, but were so overdue.  not to mention - yesterday i pulled an embarrassing situation for muh-self - ordered a coffee - went to pay, but couldn't find my wallet so i said "i think i left my wallet in the car - mind if i grab?" and the sweet barista says "yea i'll start your drink".  sure enough it wasn't in my car, but there was my velvet in a cup - ready for me upon my return.  she let me just take the coffee - i'm sure other places might do that, but she made it so not a big deal.  it's the little things.

yes i did return today and paid for two of the same - one for me for the road, and one for yesterday.


and another day at the spanish fly salon today.  it's obvious that i'm not even scratching the surface with what i'm learning in school and i get more and more eager when i extern here (never really learned why they call it EXterning rather than IN, but).

oh - and behold - my new hair growth inspiration - i found her on refinery29's article on 5 fashionista bloggers to watch out for:

i know it's a ways! but today - this made the cut for inspiring.  her roots are exactly my natural level  (i exaggerate - i do that when i'm excited.  she's probably like a level or two darker :)  the only cavee is that i agreed to be in a fashion show in august which requires to brighten up the red in my hairs.  at the time of agreement i didn't mind so much, but now that i see this...dang.  what is a girl to do. life is hard.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

wednesday nite

i don't want to speak too soon, but i believe i have officially trained my body to live on 5 hours of sleep a night.  i think. 

just a regular ol' night - except for the fact that 3 years ago today, my fella and i got engaged.  it was special.  7.7.7.  there was a long running joke with that date for years prior - i used to answer people that date who asked "so when are you getting married".  i'd say "777".  then the fella came along in 05 and learned quickly about this joke.  i say joke because the thought of marriage at that time made him nerveuse.  as the date neared, the creature started stirring.  resolved to be okay with the fact that it's going to be a long time before the marriage situation, i thought we should at least have a special day.  with that, the ideas rolled in his crimson read head (more like basketball orange), and he used the opportunity - along with my obliviousness and gullibility - to ask what i thought about being a hhwife.  and here were are. 

anywho - i was looking for a pic of our engagement since i don't have any on my mac readily available, and signed into the ol' xanga.  it's all still there!  i love reading old posts.  the one that was particularly entertaining was this one - i'll spare you the whole post, but here's a quote - it's me listing all the possibilities of post graduation life on jan 4 2008: 

these are my possibilities (who says they're realistic):
-go to art school and get into fashion.
-send off my scarf idea to a company who would like to buy it (it's this thing i called TherModa. Don't you hate the heating scarves that you have to plug in to heat up and look so ugly? Well.......anyway, you get the idea. maybe not, irono)
-have a little patching/tayloring business - i need to sow though. a lot.
-what else? i don't know. a lot of possibilities. i haven't had much time to think about it. excuses excuses. seriously, they grow on trees. everywhere!

and a pic of my longer hair round that xmas time
i was never really great at styling it long.  giving it another shot since now it's muh job! 

finally, i need to get myself a crimper.  love the frizz!  and it lasts days :)
let's not talk about damage.  we've been there and back.  many tines.  


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

dream a little dream.

looking for inspiration for our contest at school.  rock n roll.

i'm actually doing the hair portion - woo!

had an extremely awkward/dreamy/beautiful/borderline creepy dream last night.  it involved my family and i showing up at our old russian church - the old, tiny building.  my dad had a cigarette sticking out of his mouth - he was lighting as the congregation was singing hymns.  my ma - she was a gorgeous creature in white lace.  she had long red locks and had this fair skin - sounds creepy, but almost like a vampire.  what could this mean? i heard when your hair grows you get weird dreams.  but i do wish i had a visual.  i was so reluctant and yet so happy to wake up.  couldn't decide.

speaking of growing hairs, in search of inspiration today for my contest - i came across this.  how will i ever achieve growth with these images all over the fashion sites.
it's funny because all these cuts are the same.  i have to tell myself, take away the product and the styling and the make up and ya got yourself a boy.  convinced, elizabeth?  i'm just teasing.  sounds like my friend liska and i are having the same struggle :)


Monday, July 5, 2010

seven. four. ten.

oh say can you see?  last minute and low key.  i love those.  we took advantage of our old table that is now garaged, the lanterns from our wedding, and our spacious front yard to have some fun.

this is wes dancing really close to the strobe fireworks
dangerous? nahhh! normally i'd be freaking out over how irresponsible wes and his buddies get over fireworks, but after two glasses of wine, i was ready to join them. 

moving along.  (how boring of a term is "moving along".  kind of the only way to go after i haven't updated for a while - sorry!).  

since i last updated - i have had the opportunity to spend some time at spanish fly hair garage on j st. in downtown.  my time there gave me a window into what it would be like to assist for a coupla months at a salon - which once you know what to expect, is not a bad change from a corporate office environment, not to mention surrounding myself with gifted people who have been places and done things.  anyway - i met some stunning wonderful stylists who made an assisting program that much more attractive.  so stay tuned as i decide which route to take once i'm el dunno with schoolo.  

since last post i have also thrown a screaming fit (more like i had to simply get up and leave for a walk) over the daunting task of remembering how to set up the sewing machine.  the sewing part i got.  it's the setting up - bobbin-spinning part that i forgot how to do since i read the manual.  probably not something one should publicly blog about.  this, however, serves to my husband's purpose - so i will sacrifice looking irrational and silly online just to make my wes look good :)  but wes - he keeps me sane in these times let me tell ya.  

SINCE last post, i also have some new items for the etsy.  wes calls me "moral floral" now because 90% of my etsy items have a floral theme!  i shrug like i don't care, but i'm not gonna lie - i very consciously try to avoid too much floral when i search for new items.  anyway - please stay "patiently" tuned for new items on my shop.  i gotta keep up with muh-self. 

we're doing another contest at school.  i'm in a group apparently too.  the theme this time is rock. and. roll.  and i may have been voted the model for this one.  

on my way out - this is wes eating our din din at buckhorn grill.  the man loves his bread and butter.  definitely a russian at heart :)

well, that's it for me tonight folks.  finally, this post's shoe inspiration: christian louboutin's suede stilletos as modeled by solange knowles (goes on the pensive shoe list i'm collecting donations for :) LOL.