Monday, July 5, 2010

seven. four. ten.

oh say can you see?  last minute and low key.  i love those.  we took advantage of our old table that is now garaged, the lanterns from our wedding, and our spacious front yard to have some fun.

this is wes dancing really close to the strobe fireworks
dangerous? nahhh! normally i'd be freaking out over how irresponsible wes and his buddies get over fireworks, but after two glasses of wine, i was ready to join them. 

moving along.  (how boring of a term is "moving along".  kind of the only way to go after i haven't updated for a while - sorry!).  

since i last updated - i have had the opportunity to spend some time at spanish fly hair garage on j st. in downtown.  my time there gave me a window into what it would be like to assist for a coupla months at a salon - which once you know what to expect, is not a bad change from a corporate office environment, not to mention surrounding myself with gifted people who have been places and done things.  anyway - i met some stunning wonderful stylists who made an assisting program that much more attractive.  so stay tuned as i decide which route to take once i'm el dunno with schoolo.  

since last post i have also thrown a screaming fit (more like i had to simply get up and leave for a walk) over the daunting task of remembering how to set up the sewing machine.  the sewing part i got.  it's the setting up - bobbin-spinning part that i forgot how to do since i read the manual.  probably not something one should publicly blog about.  this, however, serves to my husband's purpose - so i will sacrifice looking irrational and silly online just to make my wes look good :)  but wes - he keeps me sane in these times let me tell ya.  

SINCE last post, i also have some new items for the etsy.  wes calls me "moral floral" now because 90% of my etsy items have a floral theme!  i shrug like i don't care, but i'm not gonna lie - i very consciously try to avoid too much floral when i search for new items.  anyway - please stay "patiently" tuned for new items on my shop.  i gotta keep up with muh-self. 

we're doing another contest at school.  i'm in a group apparently too.  the theme this time is rock. and. roll.  and i may have been voted the model for this one.  

on my way out - this is wes eating our din din at buckhorn grill.  the man loves his bread and butter.  definitely a russian at heart :)

well, that's it for me tonight folks.  finally, this post's shoe inspiration: christian louboutin's suede stilletos as modeled by solange knowles (goes on the pensive shoe list i'm collecting donations for :) LOL.

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