Tuesday, March 29, 2011

i would like to wear my hair down more

i think i'm ready to trim ever so little off the ends to make it like an even (long) bob.  kind of like what ms alexa chung has going on.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

tuesdays off days

off as in i don't work.  they're very "on" for me otherwise.  i get a day to be creative around the house, shop, work on my etsy shop with my friend olga, read read read!  it's just one day though - not that i get ALL that done in one little journee (zhoor-nay), but i sure do appreciate a tuesday these days :)

i wore this today - this skirt is a brand new favorite.  i had it for a good while, but never really wore it.  until today!  and now i'm selling it on my shop (will be posted soon!)




noodle just yawned and i got a whiff of her crazy breath.  she's been sleeping upwards of 5 hours, this one.  geez!


wes and i finally watched september issue and i was so overly inspired by grace coddington.  she's a genius, and yet so simple.  her style is timeless.  she's kind, but she puts her foot down.  she's adorable!! i particularly like the scenes the camera taped following her down the hall and her crazy big red hair bounces against her black outfit.  she's gorgeous and she's got such a beautiful character, not to mention she produces brilliant stylist work.

well that will be all.  i bestow on you a wonderful night.  i should be in bed a half an hour ago (to get at least 6.5 hours of sleep, yo).  i suck at forcing myself to sleep enough.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

hair & make up

i've done a small handful of work with hair and make up.  here they are (so far). 


roaring 20's murder mystery affair
hair & make up: my friend olga (she has a blog and an etsy shop)
IMG_3954 - Copy

IMG_3948 - Copy

IMG_3946 - Copy

red carpet challenge at hoss lee academy
hair - sarah - our model


nagy wedding - photography by lego photo
hair: alla nagy (formerly dimova)

hair: bridesmaid elvira

hair: even the groom - mr. michael nagy himself (his hair is naturally curly - so straightened it)

the matchell wedding (brother and sister in law :) - photography by - shepard photography
make-up: amanda matchell (formerly bruce - now my sister)

hair & make up: my other ma, lovely molly

i also did make up and hair for one of the designers at the spring bazaar (no not the magazine - i wish) runway show by freestyle, but alas, i never took down the name of the photographer that was taking pics effectively displaying my work during the hustle and bustle :) 

there will be more soon. 

Friday, March 11, 2011


we took another walk in our hood.  not that i'm going to make a habit of posting only when we walk, but here it is.


someone had this character on their tree.  we thought it was noteworthy.


in other news - i added several items to my shop - including the midi skirt and dress shown below (dress is tucked into skirt)

we sold our car.  i didn't think it would sell that fast.  as i was approaching our house, i saw a stranger driving off in my mini :(  i'm not normally attached to cars, but that was a fun one.  i know i know - we always sell stuff!  but you know what, times are tough and gas prices are climbing to past $4 (cooper "s" eats premium) and if something breaks, it costs thousands to fix, ETC.  it was fun while it lasted.  anyway - it's nice to have a fella who knows these things.  my whole point is i'm going to miss it.  i knew i would, though so there ya have it.  smiley face.

ALSO - wes and i have been catching up on american idol, and we've decided that ryan seacrest is hilarious. here's him making fun of paul mcdonald - one of the more 'eclectic' contestants

nightey night!!