Friday, March 11, 2011


we took another walk in our hood.  not that i'm going to make a habit of posting only when we walk, but here it is.


someone had this character on their tree.  we thought it was noteworthy.


in other news - i added several items to my shop - including the midi skirt and dress shown below (dress is tucked into skirt)

we sold our car.  i didn't think it would sell that fast.  as i was approaching our house, i saw a stranger driving off in my mini :(  i'm not normally attached to cars, but that was a fun one.  i know i know - we always sell stuff!  but you know what, times are tough and gas prices are climbing to past $4 (cooper "s" eats premium) and if something breaks, it costs thousands to fix, ETC.  it was fun while it lasted.  anyway - it's nice to have a fella who knows these things.  my whole point is i'm going to miss it.  i knew i would, though so there ya have it.  smiley face.

ALSO - wes and i have been catching up on american idol, and we've decided that ryan seacrest is hilarious. here's him making fun of paul mcdonald - one of the more 'eclectic' contestants

nightey night!!

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