Monday, February 28, 2011

i used to hate mondays.  now they're simply the day before my next day off.  which, as miley cyrus would put it, "i guess is pretty cool!"


tonight wes and i went for a little walk in the crisp cold to the park and back.  we need to do that more.  we talk about the most foolish and insightful matters - all on the same walk. for example we were thinking how cool it would be if we created this new workout tape/class which was all about this 'spaz out' science.  all it would consist of is spazzing out - and we would mark it proprietary. i guess it's not that funny in retrospect.  i thought it was hysterical.  but honestly - have you ever tried it?


i love when people aren't shy and they let their curtains stay open even when its dark so i can see how they fancied up their houses.  i know, i lurk.  i always have.  my sister and i used to be shameless when my dad happened to drive through really nice neighborhoods.  i think he knew our fascination so he did it for us (aww!).    

this house, however, rarely opens their curtains, but it's one of my favs.  you can't tell from this pic, but it's very tattered.  i love the combination of a tattered/paint scratched house, with phenomenal evening lighting.  they have that.  except this pic does it no justice :)


pants - thrifted
boots - steve maddens
cropped poodle sweater - forever 21 (you can't even tell i'm wearing it, but it's def a favorite)
leather jacket - vintage - don't remember where i got it from
red knit g-pa cardigan - borrowed from dear friend olga

anyway - i'm falling asleep and my nose is so cold!
happy monday eve!