Tuesday, February 15, 2011


wes told me that was yesterday's word of the day.  it means "to indulge in caresses and fondling endearments".   did you have your share of canoodling yesterday? eh?

we spent the day brainstorming heavily on house projects and not going out - we're boring like that (to some that's boring :).  my creative wheel had rusted a bit - i sense that in pretty much everything i do (including what i wear, which is disappointing).  knowing that causes unnecessary anxiety - especially when i infuse myself with fantastic inspirations of online fashion bloggery.  it's supposed to be inspiring and fun - not a means for one to deem themselves inadequate and be discouraged.  i think that might be called 'inspiration anxiety' - what do people take for that?

pish tosh!  where was i?

wes and i want to get rid of our dresser and put up a plethora of shelves and racks where we could keep our clothes just folded and hung - out in the open (well maybe not everything).  we're running out of space for our stuff - and i like to keep myself on my toes.  I do occasionally (and regretfully) get rid of stuff, but that does not open up enough space, unfortunately.

so today - while i'm waiting for wes to get home early from work, i'm looking online for ideas and such. we're unofficially spending the day together sort of for valentines day since i have the day off.  our plan is to go out in the wind [i so love half overcast windy days] or just go somewhere and read.

anyway - i found these cute little mushrooms featured on the design sponge:

ok - wes be home now.   he's bickering about our neighbors wind-chimes (which i happen to love) LOL.   i gotta go.  

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