Monday, December 27, 2010


thoroughly lovely.  the day before, of, and after - engulfed with being around people i love.  particularly this one - i'm a lucky little wench.

anyway - this one got me the little ring i hinted at a couple of posts ago


also this watch!
he bought it when we were in miami.  i noticed it at a vintage shop but thought to be good so i chose not to buy.  actually by the time i decided to buy, wes told me 'the lady said it was not for sale' - sly little fox. who says that - geez, i really will listen to anyone.

we also hung out at both parents house as is the norm :).
now that i think about it i think every time i'm at my parents house i take a pic of my dad going to town in conversation.  i think i want to do a coffee table book of just my pa.  that's just one of my coffee table book ideas.

BUT, moving along
IMG_3134 - Copy


that's me dancing to MIA on the kinect.

that's ma -

and that's wes out on the ice doing rather well for skating :)  i had to get some ice into this holiday season.  just for kicks.  it is scary.  the second i see flailing arms i secretly freak out.

anyway - all this to say i hope everyone else's xmas was just magical.  i'll tell you what wasn't magical.  it's my veggie muffins.  in fact they were kind of the butt of the joke at my parents house.  they were joking how we could give them to the carolers if they show up at our house.  i did lol a bit.  i don't know what went wrong, but veggie muffs are going off my foodfolio.  or maybe i just need a couple of adjustments - irono.

here's a picture though.  they look appetizing.  and they are like 60-70% appetizing - if you swallow them quick.  k, i'm over it.  they're really maybe more like 75% appetizing. maybe 78 - MAYBE.
IMG_3124 - Copy

ok.  bye :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

cousins! everywhere

yesterday my margarita put together a cousins xmas party - there's like a bazillion of us - this is just a fraction.  tim took these two pics with his profesh camera gear.  the boy doesn't mess around.  

and then a silly one (where apparently the best expression i could come up with was the 'sarah palin')

good night

Monday, December 20, 2010

sundy mundy

brilliant - i'm in love with her singing style.

well, i am finally excited (rather than overwhelmed) about making my own food!  i've been reading "french women don't get fat" and of course getting inspired to cook more and eat at home rather than eating out - which works better for the bank account anyway. today for example, i gave up my run to go get some essentials so i can make food for us. what a concept!

oh - and eat slow.  it's true.  i inhale my food - this is such an exercise.  i'm often on the run and just always hungry.  never actually take time to 'taste' the food. what a concept.

anyway i discovered and registered a 'foodfolio' account - an online recipe organizer.  i was looking for a simple organizer that would allow me to keep all the recipes i'd like to try or already tried in one place rather than randomly bookmarking them or looking for them later.

next up, these vegetable muffins i found on the plum kitchen blog.

omg - sorry to bore

we spent last weekend in reno, of all places, at a resort casino - um - ferr free.  wes found this deal online so we thought, why not - we've been trying to use our free lift tickets for sugarbowl and this was the perfect opportunity since it was in that general direction - free weekend everyone!  other than confirming that reno is probably the most depressing place to live in (sorry reno-ans, my opinion-o), it turned out to be a fun little shindig :)

after a day 'out', wes and i got a couple of drinks at one of the casino bars (chocolate cake shot for dessert and then my vodka cran yoozh).  we thought it would be fun to take some wild west pics by the canyon backdrop.  

it was either that or dance with all the other retirees to a 'singer in a box' 

i also thought that they did an amazing job making this tree a leaning xmas tree!  i love that!  doubt it was intentional, but i thought it was very lovely.  next year maybe, since ours is perfectly upright.

on the last day we stopped by this hole in the wall bakery for breakfast - i kick myself for not remembering their name because they were the shizzle.  their santa claus was nice too - he seemed like the real deal.  i just thought this was such a cute moment - the little girls dad was like "hug santa".  but it made a sweet picture, contrived or not, ha. 

anyway - this is it.  as far as the hair world goes, i've done some haircuts for wes and his buddies, but what's a word without a pickcha!!   


Friday, December 17, 2010

noodle and penny

totally want one of these

how cute are these kitty teepees! cute they are.  loyal lux.

Monday, December 13, 2010

much ado

it's been a month - which is pretty disgusting.  so uh.  sorry.  BUT if it serves anything - i've been keeping pretty busy.  i do truly hate excuses.  wes always says 'i don't want excuses, i want performance'.  mostly for kicks, but.  anyway,

there was mikey and alla's wedding (i did their wedding hair!)

florida (which wes and i like to say with a new york accent 'flAHrida'), 











more here :) - i like to share way too many - but. 


and of course, how could i forget my epic failure at state board - the practical portion.  if it wasn't for the fact that i spent so much time in school, i'd keep doing hair on the black market.  love doing it, just hate the train wreck that it takes to get licensed.  however, it is what it is, ha!  now i wait for my new date for the practical - just passed my written today.  getting there dudes. 


well, no news holds a candle to becoming an auntie!!! i'm so excited - my sister had a sweet little girl named stella and i get to visit with white crow and mary lou at the end of january!  my sister's been so busy i haven't really seen any pics, but they'll be here, just you wait!

anyway - miami threw me off a bit from the christmas vibe a bit, so after my return from testing on wednesday - we went to get a little tree which fit perfectly under my antler chandelier, like it's a tree top!

so good to see your lovely little faces again.