Sunday, January 31, 2010

wet kitten

wet kitteh on our hands.
poor lil' penny - we discovered a tiny little flea problem so tonight wesley and i strategically gave her a shampoo bath. i say strategically because she's not one of those rare breeds that enjoys baths (see video below)

it would have helped, but we all know that's not penny.

but pens - she was trying to grab on to anything and everything. if i wasn't being useful with the washing process (wes had to hold her, and i would pour water carefully over the back of her neck down her little back) i'd be in there with my camera. she was being so pathetic and dramatic. little bugger.

so this was penny afterwards

i kept trying to catch her little face (yes i'm aware of my over-usage of 'little'), but she was too preoccupied with her hair.


on a non-penny note. i was having some fun with wes's ties.

and a black strapless dress i bought a while ago, but never wore. it works better as a scarf i found.

signing off.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

wait - how many posts?

wow - this marks post #30!

so last night's outfit choice fiasco was a great idea. turns out i went to bed and completely brain-farted (what a nasty ugly word) and forgot to set my alarm clock to 5:15 so i can wash my hair in the morn and spend some time just being slow. well - i wake up at 6:42, fifteen minutes after i should have been out the door! and you guessed it - threw on my outfit choice (see post #29) - barely brushed my teeth and out the door i was. was 17 minutes late, but nevertheless i had on my outfit, which for some reason, with my dirty hair, didn't feel as cool as it looked the night before - on my bed - in the pic. so to hear 'oh my! you look like you popped right out of a magazine!' from a complete stranger made my day. i mean, you know. my day was already pretty swell aside from the morning dilemma, but it made it just that much lovelier.

k, i'm over it.

now i'm working on next month's post for our church's' lady blog - the fashion section. i missed january, but will definitely make up for it in my feb entry. i have the privilege of contributing in the writing and editing of other ladies' entries. i love to write - did i ever tell you that?


and what finalized the loveliness of my day was that our esthetician dept needed a model for a facial and guess who ruffled her feathers to be the obvious and attractive choice (i never had a chance to put my makeup on) - you guessed it.

k - i'm going to set my alarm now and go on to bed. tonight will be different in 3 ways 1) my alarm will be set, 2) i will have an hour longer sleep, and 3) i won't dream that i'm with child

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

i'm thinkinnnnng

picked out my outfit for work tomorrow. it's between the grey skirt

or the jean one

i'd prefer this option, but i don't think i have the type of legs that would wear this nicely (plus it's definitely not appropriate for work)

i need me some exercise. just a little (hehe)

anyway - i'm going with the gray one. i'm planning ahead so i can stay in bed till the very last possible second.

last few days have been love: wesleys' golden bday weekend - i'll post some photographs shortly. last night i got to see wesley's baby home videos and all i have to say is our kids better look like him. i want a tiny little clone. that red hair and rounded little forehead. he looked so confused all the time.

plus, i've been so silent on here and i'm so sick and tired of those vases on my last post as i'm sure were you. and i'm wired. wesley brought me a fix from tupelo tonight on his way back from studying. plus last night i had me a full 7 hours sleep - for my average, that's pretty awesome. yes.

mk. peace.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

co-co! co-co!

these are by far the coolest vases i've ever seen - per FxBallery

the coolest guests on conan tonight. he's a good man. wesley and i got back from jamie's bday at devere's and are hanging out for a bit. tomorrow's his special bday celebration i made for him which starts with a hearty breakfast.

anyway - sorry about that gross sour cream post earlier. whew - that was awkward.

had a simple haircut today - but my client was one of those surprising talkers. it was a short cut, but i think she liked it - made my day. and i drove home feeling just as normal as a pea (as opposed to last night as i was preparing to pull over every two miles - there i go again).

AND - guess who's on jimmy fallon. you guessed it - beach house! concert in april. be there.

k, this post is a bit lousy - thorry. buuuut, it's friday i can't even think - ahhhh yeaaaaah!

ps - i'm officially going full-time at school effective 2/22 - deeming me done by, nov - is it?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

sour cream is no

feeling extremely nauseous. fought tooth and nail to know. and then when i finally gave in and went to acquaint myself with the toilet - nothing. yet the feeling remains. can't sleep because of it. so i'm browsing youtube (lady gaga interviews lead to robert pattinson interviews lead to music - which is where i should have begun) and webmd for remedies. distraction is one of the best. i'm basically waiting till it comes so i can get it overwith and go to sleep.

anyway - one of my other latest favs

and the most current wonder/discovery - sol seppy

school today: did peekaboo's on a classmate and all over color. the peekaboo's didn't lift like i had hoped, but alas. it still looked pretty nice. then for dinner, i went to chipotle (pay attention to this and take heed) and got my fav - veg burrito bol. so the kid in a hurry throws this huge glob of sour cream - i don't normally get sour cream and never will. but i was too hungry to protest much. long story short, i ate half of that stupid bowl against my better judge and here i am now with that bowl somewhere between my stomach and my mouth - waiting for that moment when i'm most comfortable. anyway - i won't go to chipotle for a while and i will NEVER again tolerate sour cream.

i told you todays would be fun! i make fun of people posting "sick posts" on facebook, but a blog is totally different. this is my territory folk. lame. i'm really kidding - i'll end up deleting the whole sick complaint thing anyways.

k you guys i better go.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


has nothing to do with my post this fine eve.

neither does this

yes, this is the 3rd post where i mention her - so what.

in other news.

my third successful male cut tonight. and a fun little reverse graduated cut on my doll. the early practical learning stage is so frustrating. it's like playing an instrument and being way ahead of yourself in your head - you hear it, but the actual play is hard to execute. practice makes puuuuurrrrrrrfect (can you tell i've been round penny for too long?)

i've been on an eggs kick. in fact, i just had me a sunny side up just now. with my ezekiel toast. goopy and drippy is how i like 'em. i think i've made some for myself almost every day - with the exception of yesterday. yesterday i headed to the bon l'air pub to celebrate ronnie's oldness and i had a glass full of cider. the whole glass. i'm not much of a beer drinker, but cider i'll do.

shouldn't have had the egg - it's right before bedtime and i feel like a glutton. dang.

k, bye guys! perhaps tomorra i'll have a funner one :)

Monday, January 18, 2010


had a good long conversation with ma tonight.

before that - had a highlight and cut. again with the pic - dang. next time (if they allow :). i surprisingly enjoy getting to know people and making them feel at ease in my 'chair'. surprisingly - very loaded (considering that i'm discovering how much of an introvert i am).

before that - had a rumble of a day at work.

watching the news currently. trying to be as pc as possible, but here are two stories back to back:

1) haiti damages - totals and stories of rescue
2) the american flag was ruffled by the wind and rain today - our locals are extremely offended that it wasn't taken down sooner than later

hmm. i guess i'm not much of a patriot. these two in comparison - i don't know. anyway - it is pretty windy out there. and penny is bouncing off the walls as per usual for this time of the night.

k - night. i'm carpooling with a co-worker tomorra. gotta sleep more. don't know why, but i'm always extremely confused in the mornings. like i look at the time and i think about more components of getting ready than i should - like exponentially amplified more. like if you were to look at a tshirt and decide to wear it compared to looking at a tshirt and seeing patterns and tetris blocks all moving at once. try thinking about keeping the blocks down and strategizing an outfit that will fit with your school dress code all the while remembering how to pull espresso shots. see what i mean?

nie nie

Sunday, January 17, 2010

napa weekend

napa napa napa.

wes's company hosts annual banquets/celebrations of sorts and this year they put it on in napa. oh it was a wonderful time - don't actually have pics of it, but nevertheless. i wore an ivory lacey number and had some heavy eye-makeup on to make up for the lightness of everything else (skin, hair, dress - haha). can't show you the dress, but i'll show you what i've worn for two days in a row. this gorgeous floral blouse - yet another one of those complementary buys to my emergency scramble for school colors. what a convenient disposition, eh. i promise i'm not making this a habit. i was an honest act of desperation due to my lack of planning. anyway - the blouse.

it fits perfectly.

but this morning wes and i aspired to head on into the city - SF - after a classy breakfast in downtown napa.

after bfast, as we were on our merry little way it got to pouring rain so we reconsidered our ambition of san fran. we thought we'd stop in san rafael to find a movie to watch.

wes did the looking up - i documented these monotonous moments on our camera. i guess trying to make up for the lack of pics thus far.

rain is fun to photograph

we ended up watching book of eli. i was in the mood for something lighter, but it wasn't bad. just definitely not light.

and now we're home. one dinner preparation and haircut later - i'm posting while wes takes care of business making sure our hard drive didn't lose all the info when it fell off the table - let me rephrase - when i tripped on the chord that stretched across the living room while wes was loading something (touchy subject, this one).

i'm still convinced that penny is a miniature bear.


ps - thanks ladies for your input on the cards. i was quite partial to that bonnet bunny myself. i do appreciate it. k i'm serriously done.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

meritage resort and spa

i'm sitting in our room waiting for wes to finish his meeting. already took a miniature nap. now i'm surfing the web. next i'll read - unless i fall asleep again. i left the wine tasting class early (i think i learned enough for now - like that sauvignon blanc is my favorite). should definitely catch up on today's reading. wes and i are reading through the bible in one year so.

i was going to take pics of my latest purchase, but don't have the connector chord. and it wouldn't have been by the wall unit heater. sigh.

oh well - wes is now back. we might go swim in the heated pool, what?

i'll post more later. perhaps pics or what not.

k bye. love.

Friday, January 15, 2010

help me choose

so i'm on trying to decide on a design for business cards. so far here are my picks from daphne louter. you choose 3 as a deal.
i also liked:
there's like a ton to choose from but i'm almost off my lunch so i gots to go. i could prolly make some myself but in the interest of time, i'll have to tap into these folks' amazing talents. people have been asking me for info and i wish i had cards to pass out. speaking of pass out.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

pleated sabrina pants

i got these as an emergency purchase and fell in love with them. i'm telling you - it.always.sits.different.on.the.hanger.

so ya - our school uniform restricts us from patterns and all other colors except black, brown, and white. not a big brown fan. you know a girl like me likes her color and pattern. so i usually have to dress to work what i'm going to wear to school - but it gets so so boring wardrobe-wise. so on occasion i'll wear to work my usual (patterns, colors, textures, all sorts), and then change at school. yesterday i forgot my black bottoms, so i had to make a mad dash to my fav thrift shop and found these along with some pretty narly black jeans (not pictured).

in love. and they're even brown.

i know this whole self-portrait-by-the-wall-unit thing is getting old. i'll have to switch it up - but i wanted to show that the pants are a little shorter. i considered lengthening them, but then i love the cropped 'sabrina' pant look. thank you very much.

oh ya - and today i took my very first client. it was my colleague and good friend. he liked it! i need to start capturing their pics on my iphone (and having them consent, of course, to having their pretty little faces on the internets). otherwise, you'll have to keep seeing these 'heater' self portraits - lol.

wow - i actually finished a post before wes got home and way before bedtime (which should be now).


Monday, January 11, 2010

perrier and preparation

tomorrow's lunch will be: steamed broccoli and brown rice spaghetti with turkey meat sauce. it's dang simple, i know. but i live with a simple man, what can i say. we'll work our way into complication and intricacy :) i drank perrier as i cooked (as opposed to a glass of wine for a change)

good night y'alls.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

the patterns on them clothes go round and round

ey folks.

just came home from tea at my momma's house. oh it was delightful - as always. russian pastries and black tea - cup after cup after cup. then back home.

i had a meltdown today (moving backwards again, haha). all over the fact that i don't think i can cook or plan meals out so we have to spend so much money on going out through the week. weepy, folks. wes puts up with a lot (he just saw me typing that. i'm a little bit embarrassed).

moving along. part of my weekend was spent with my olga scavenging for some vintage finds all over town. it was the most sporadic thing: saturday morning - i cut hair, got home, took nap, woke up, texted olga and there we were - there i was, purchasing these:

it's a shorts jumper - these pics aren't great. it's hard doing self shots, but it is what it is ;)

this cat sweater - my absolute fav
*please excuse the wine you guys. i just had an honest glass of wine with my dinner, just one - i don't think i even finished it, so.

and then this one - olga spotted it. i decided i'm going to wear it to the alice in wonderland viewing in - march was it? don't know why, but that's the first thing that i thought of when i saw it - haha

there were a few others, but - these are just my favs :-) i DID buy this amazing little rug
still can't decide whether i want to keep this on the floor or hang it on the wall - anyway, as i was taking a pic of this rug, this little head ascended in the frame
penny was feeling a little left out - such a little freak. i just want to shmother her!

like i said, there were a few others. you'll likely see them in pics eventually.

k, well i better go now. in treatment is getting pretty good and i can't focus. gotta decide on one or the other. and then bedtime. how quickly sunday evening steals the day away - monday morning fast approaching---work---fast approaching.

have a great night, oh brave world.

ps - we were offered to house another little kitty cat - a little playmate for penny pants! oh the possibility.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

pass test - check

just had a glass of chardonnay at burgers and brew with wes to commemorate my passing the test tonight. it's not state board, but goodness, it gave me a feel for what it will be like. wash hands, breath, wash hands, breath. i mean geez people. i knew all the procedures perfectly, but it's the stuff in between that paralyzes me. anyways, i passed, that's all that matters - for now at least. and i just had an amazing glass of chardonnay to ease the exhaustion into a friday-night-tired-ready-watch-a-movie-and-fall-asleep-within-the-first-five. plus i have an earlier haircut tomorrow - on-site. so i better stop blogging late lest i solidify my readers' (all hundreds of them) opinion of my 'responsibility' level. haha. there are levels to responsibility in case you didn't know, reader. dang. speaking of my early morning haircut - i forgot my razor at school. that means an even earlier morning.

nie nie!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

thursday soup

today i have little to say. so i'll just post my outfit :)

in this pic, i'm clarifying for wes the usage of 'their' vs 'they're'. haha. he had a brain fart. he's really smart though.

i got the denim shirt before christmas (in fact to put together a reaally cheesy xmas outfit) - unfortunately it has these silly teddy bears in santa hats patches down along the button-hole side. just all the way down. and a huge one on the front pocket. the vest hides that one pretty well, but the little ones down the right side i can't hide as easily. the only one downfall of it, but you can't see them in the pic. otherwise its a sexy shirt.

i didn't say i have nothing to say, just little. i have to talk about tomorrow being a big day. we test out - meaning monday we'll be cutting hairs finally. anyways - i'm menacingly drained and am up unwisely late again. it's my fault so don't feel sorry for me being drained. in fact, i'm watching in treatment tonight again.

thank you darlings for checking in. have a wonderful night's rest!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

i love chair and my husband

i could so see this standing next to a victorian mirrored dresser in my bedroom.

my ma has one that she keeps offering (well it's more of a long-legged side table - mirrored). i need to make room for it and take her up on that offer. then i'm set. i'd purchase this chair from mr Frank Cresencia and then our house and home would be complete - NOT. would it ever. i build and build on it - it's never complete. always a work in progress. sometimes i like it cluttered. sometimes i like it spacey and modern. why not combine the two - hence this gorgeous chair and my ma's antique mirror table.

also - don't think about what it would be like if something happened to your husband (like he died) while driving home. i found myself weeping to none other than beach house, imagining what i would do with myself. and then i realized i was almost home and wes was going to see me like this. so i called myself a 'retard' (i apologize but that's literally what i said), pulled up into the driveway, wiped my eyes and walked on in.

he's doing just fine. we're going to go get some coffee real quick at tupelo and watch in treatment against my better judgement - i better go while i'm still up for it.


Monday, January 4, 2010

quelle surprise

ok. so i thought we'd be out on the floor cutting hair by the end of the month.

guess not. guess it's on monday. that means we got a 'test-out' on friday. it's not a big dealio really - just a bunch of procedures that include tiny steps you never think about. kind of like state board, but not as exponentially stressful. just a bit stressful now that i know it's this friday and not two weeks from now like we were originally told.

that's pretty much all for tonight. i've had a headache since today's merger meeting at work (merger meeting - that term doesn't seem to belong in this blog provided what i normally blog about). basically our company merged with another - far larger - one. they do the same thing we do but now we're partnering with them to meet all our extensive client needs - AND we're being better equipped. to that i'll toast.

go leadership.

oh, but ya. i blame the headache mostly on the tiny print in the power point presentations. of a sharper nature. dude - who cares.

k, now i want to hang out with wes to the max. he was giving me a little head massage while watching hero's and i think i'll ask for a repeat performance. ha.

and i'm in love with beach house's newest album - teen dreams. i was almost a few minutes late to work today because i wanted to hear the rest of the song in my car. very responsible elizabeth.

i'll leave you with this ensemble i had to take a second look at on today
love the combo of that gorgeous poncho with the thigh-high boots. i've been looking for a pair of boots like that for eons. poor wes tried to find me some for xmas and was at a loss trying to figure out what i'd like better. instead he got me other amazing things (see xmas post) and this card he sewed himself. i mean. i don't often get weepy - but i could not get a hold of myself when he gave me this:

i had to pixelize what he wrote - i don't think he'll appreciate me posting his special message to me on the triple dub

tangents. i mean what's a post without some sort of pictures. it's like reading the long chapters of a book! the longer my posts and far-reaching the tangents, the more images and color i have to post to compensate. common sense. at least i owe you folks that much, hehe.

well, i think i just remembered somewhere up there i wrote this is it for the night. it's like saying 'okay this is my last song' and proceeding with like ten more. i don't apologize (i apologize too much i realize), but i do acknowledge that not all peeps enjoy remedial little tidbits on my life. but then again....well. anyways. thanks for checking in yet again.

merry sundown (how many other ways can you think of saying 'good evening')

Sunday, January 3, 2010

charming little sunday

sewing machine is all fixed now! it was a simple jam it seems, but the curtain is now officially done :)

that's a start. i just wanted to see how well i can keep control of the fabric as it passes under the needle. anyways. that's done and thank God no breakages.

i'm learning to be a gracious and understanding person (lifelong process i'm reminded every day). today i went to buy some make-up primer from m.a.c. cosmetics (i happen to have a discount through my school) and the young girl sat me down to 'show' me all these other products that i can't live without if i buy this primer demonstrating on half of my face how they would work. i was immediately reminded of the other sister with Juliette Lewis where she gets half her face done up at the mall.

i said to the girl - you're not going to do the other half, are you. she smiled and said, 'no - that would make it an appointment'. anyway - so i bought the stupid primer after reaffirming her that i'm sure i don't need the pre-primer and the finishing spray thank you very much.

like i said, trying to be gracious. i reminded myself - she's just doing her job. i'm sure she's got other folks' half faces to tend to ;) jk.

anyway - i'm going to read now. it's my 'back to work' eve and i'm not celebrating - hehe. just like around christmas - not enough time for me - but is it ever. in all honesty i'm excited to go to work tomorrow. there's going to be a big reveal that i'm really eager to hear about. that's for a later post. or not. i don't really have to post about it honestly. it's just work.

good night folks :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 rumpus

2010. i'm excited. this month consists of determining how i'm going to manage putting in a lot more time towards my 1600 hours. and i'm determined to finish this year - hopefully september october ish. that means less time at my job which means less income, if any *wince*. that's for a later post.

anyway - just a few images of our new years wild rumpus. 'all is love' folks (karen o & the kids).

the cork flew clear across the pool and wes thought it was the most hilarious thing. i wish this pic was less exposed, but i guess now that i took it i kind of like the effect.

did i ever mention that i've been wearing that fur hood every single day since xmas?

count down
i couldn't get over la raye's beautiful top. it's a little girls' dress turned tunic. just the fiercest thing i've ever seen

and wes just hollered with his super elegant champagne glass in hand :)

it just so happened that it was also this old man's bday

we later warmed up in the spa over wine and snacks - and water of course (don't do spa without water to avoid feeling dizzy or faint) - talking about new years resolutions and such. and of course i thought it was the perfect photo op provided we all felt like sitting still long enough for a slower shutter (to achieve a less grainy look per wesley's request). i couldn't stop giggling every single time.


wes and i just finished watching the assassination of jesse james by the coward robert ford - based on ron hanson's novel of the same title (same guy who wrote one of my favorite stories - atticus). really sad story to be completely honest. amazing cinematography. buuuut - this ain't no book review blog is it? oh well so what.

on a different note, i was sewing the trim of the curtain separating our kitchen from the washing room and my needle got jammed. i'm such a rookie with sewing it's embarrassing. it's all still there - curtain jammed in the machine - and i'm trying to figure out (without breaking it of course) what i did wrong. most likely the wrong needle for the fabric. don't worry i'll figure it out soon enough. goal being to keep the machine in operating condition.


well, that's my queue. i'll try to be in bed tonight sometime before 2am this time. it's a bad habit wes and i are cultivating. i don't mind so much staying up late as much as i hate waking up around noon. that's a whole morning i could have spent doing something wonderful.

good nights ladies and gents. (i think the only gent reading this would be my husband if i'm lucky - so i guess ladies and wes, rather - haha)