Sunday, January 31, 2010

wet kitten

wet kitteh on our hands.
poor lil' penny - we discovered a tiny little flea problem so tonight wesley and i strategically gave her a shampoo bath. i say strategically because she's not one of those rare breeds that enjoys baths (see video below)

it would have helped, but we all know that's not penny.

but pens - she was trying to grab on to anything and everything. if i wasn't being useful with the washing process (wes had to hold her, and i would pour water carefully over the back of her neck down her little back) i'd be in there with my camera. she was being so pathetic and dramatic. little bugger.

so this was penny afterwards

i kept trying to catch her little face (yes i'm aware of my over-usage of 'little'), but she was too preoccupied with her hair.


on a non-penny note. i was having some fun with wes's ties.

and a black strapless dress i bought a while ago, but never wore. it works better as a scarf i found.

signing off.

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