Tuesday, January 12, 2010

pleated sabrina pants

i got these as an emergency purchase and fell in love with them. i'm telling you - it.always.sits.different.on.the.hanger.

so ya - our school uniform restricts us from patterns and all other colors except black, brown, and white. not a big brown fan. you know a girl like me likes her color and pattern. so i usually have to dress to work what i'm going to wear to school - but it gets so so boring wardrobe-wise. so on occasion i'll wear to work my usual (patterns, colors, textures, all sorts), and then change at school. yesterday i forgot my black bottoms, so i had to make a mad dash to my fav thrift shop and found these along with some pretty narly black jeans (not pictured).

in love. and they're even brown.

i know this whole self-portrait-by-the-wall-unit thing is getting old. i'll have to switch it up - but i wanted to show that the pants are a little shorter. i considered lengthening them, but then i love the cropped 'sabrina' pant look. thank you very much.

oh ya - and today i took my very first client. it was my colleague and good friend. he liked it! i need to start capturing their pics on my iphone (and having them consent, of course, to having their pretty little faces on the internets). otherwise, you'll have to keep seeing these 'heater' self portraits - lol.

wow - i actually finished a post before wes got home and way before bedtime (which should be now).


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