Tuesday, January 26, 2010

i'm thinkinnnnng

picked out my outfit for work tomorrow. it's between the grey skirt

or the jean one

i'd prefer this option, but i don't think i have the type of legs that would wear this nicely (plus it's definitely not appropriate for work)

i need me some exercise. just a little (hehe)

anyway - i'm going with the gray one. i'm planning ahead so i can stay in bed till the very last possible second.

last few days have been love: wesleys' golden bday weekend - i'll post some photographs shortly. last night i got to see wesley's baby home videos and all i have to say is our kids better look like him. i want a tiny little clone. that red hair and rounded little forehead. he looked so confused all the time.

plus, i've been so silent on here and i'm so sick and tired of those vases on my last post as i'm sure were you. and i'm wired. wesley brought me a fix from tupelo tonight on his way back from studying. plus last night i had me a full 7 hours sleep - for my average, that's pretty awesome. yes.

mk. peace.

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