Wednesday, January 27, 2010

wait - how many posts?

wow - this marks post #30!

so last night's outfit choice fiasco was a great idea. turns out i went to bed and completely brain-farted (what a nasty ugly word) and forgot to set my alarm clock to 5:15 so i can wash my hair in the morn and spend some time just being slow. well - i wake up at 6:42, fifteen minutes after i should have been out the door! and you guessed it - threw on my outfit choice (see post #29) - barely brushed my teeth and out the door i was. was 17 minutes late, but nevertheless i had on my outfit, which for some reason, with my dirty hair, didn't feel as cool as it looked the night before - on my bed - in the pic. so to hear 'oh my! you look like you popped right out of a magazine!' from a complete stranger made my day. i mean, you know. my day was already pretty swell aside from the morning dilemma, but it made it just that much lovelier.

k, i'm over it.

now i'm working on next month's post for our church's' lady blog - the fashion section. i missed january, but will definitely make up for it in my feb entry. i have the privilege of contributing in the writing and editing of other ladies' entries. i love to write - did i ever tell you that?


and what finalized the loveliness of my day was that our esthetician dept needed a model for a facial and guess who ruffled her feathers to be the obvious and attractive choice (i never had a chance to put my makeup on) - you guessed it.

k - i'm going to set my alarm now and go on to bed. tonight will be different in 3 ways 1) my alarm will be set, 2) i will have an hour longer sleep, and 3) i won't dream that i'm with child

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