Monday, January 18, 2010


had a good long conversation with ma tonight.

before that - had a highlight and cut. again with the pic - dang. next time (if they allow :). i surprisingly enjoy getting to know people and making them feel at ease in my 'chair'. surprisingly - very loaded (considering that i'm discovering how much of an introvert i am).

before that - had a rumble of a day at work.

watching the news currently. trying to be as pc as possible, but here are two stories back to back:

1) haiti damages - totals and stories of rescue
2) the american flag was ruffled by the wind and rain today - our locals are extremely offended that it wasn't taken down sooner than later

hmm. i guess i'm not much of a patriot. these two in comparison - i don't know. anyway - it is pretty windy out there. and penny is bouncing off the walls as per usual for this time of the night.

k - night. i'm carpooling with a co-worker tomorra. gotta sleep more. don't know why, but i'm always extremely confused in the mornings. like i look at the time and i think about more components of getting ready than i should - like exponentially amplified more. like if you were to look at a tshirt and decide to wear it compared to looking at a tshirt and seeing patterns and tetris blocks all moving at once. try thinking about keeping the blocks down and strategizing an outfit that will fit with your school dress code all the while remembering how to pull espresso shots. see what i mean?

nie nie

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