Monday, July 16, 2012

today is an exceptionally lovely day for summer.  i'm not a big fan of immense heat so today's breeze is perfect! anywho - it's a day off for me, i'm spending it by running errands and such - passport name renewal, refilling the fridge, letting the kitties get their bit of fresh air :)  

ps, here's some shots from the last couple of days.  as you know by now i'm constantly changing stuff around the house.  our most recent addition was a lovely mid-cent coffee table we found at the alameda fair.


my ink blot card collage.  we took down the hutch to the desk to open up some space, i love the results. i wanted something to separate the desk area from the rest of the room somehow.  the magazine rack on the side there is still a bit sloppy so i'll have to figure something out for that :)


eva surprised me with some new chalkboard art (this thing doesn't get touched by anyone but her and tessa btw).

my brother was over to watch a ufc fight with wes and of course it just so happened to be his birthday.  who wouldn't want to spend it watching a fight are you crazy?

noodle's nestling is the best!


coolio! that's it for me.  hope your day is awesome!

Monday, July 9, 2012

hey guys!

well holy moly 2012 is halfway over - that's just nuts!  it never gets old realizing how fast time flies.  
so, our internets has been down for several days - of course these last few weeks it's been one event after another.  i'm enjoying the fast pace.  we've been busy traveling, being with friends (celebrating weddings, birthdays, holidays) and also teaming up with my friends at aglassjar and white crow to sell our vintage goods at the alameda fair

also i'm getting close to finishing my assisting program at space and over this last year have learned so much! it's been a crazy time of growth in terms of skill, confidence and relationships with my coworkers and sweet people that end up in my chair the days i get to actually take clients (i guess the clientele growth is not that crazy, but i'm working on it).  

all that said - here's a load of pictures from the things i've been up to these last couple weeks.  i know i said this before, but i'm really going to try to break these posts down so they're not so convoluted with things going forward.  really.  i already know what my next post will be but iiii wooon't teeellll youuuuu...(insert emoticons)....

portland oregon - jonathan and genovieve's wedding
wes and i spent a day at the oregon coast.  there was a total of maybe 3 dry hours which we spent on the beach, but the rest of the day was drizzly.  yet peeps carry on about their lives, farmers markets, parades, and all. 




this made us laugh - a booth at the portland saturday market with all things birds. (i.e. portlandia - hehe)

jonathan's first glimpse of his bride - such a sweet moment.

this last sunday at alameda fair




our annual july 4th soiree 


photo taken by olga




we finished the evening with a little outside film. overall a great time with great company.  

so that's what's up.  thanks for stopping by for a minute! say hi if you want :) i missed you