Thursday, July 28, 2011


this outfit was from yesterday, but today i post it :) just because i have a day off and some time! and to compensate for my not making a day's pay - i sold some items from my shop.  which is always nice.  even though i enjoy having things up there just to have them, lol.

so...not to BORE you.  this top dress/throw over deal was one of my regulars way way back in the day (when i actually shopped at stores like macy's and j.crew all the time), but i kind of found it in parents' storage.  of course back then i wore it as an actual dress (all buttoned up and closed).  i found a new use for it - and i love it all the better.  your welcome rescued dress!




you bet i had to tie it up when riding my bike to work. otherwise, who wants see a chick tipping sideways in the middle of an intersection.  put your hands down!



tank top - f21
shorts - men's ben sherman jeans cut-off by my friend for whom they were sadly a tad too big :)
necklace - yes i know.  thrifted.
dress - i think macy's via 1995
shoes - acquired at a clothes swap :)

our late neighbor (i say late because they moved!) hosted a cooking show at williams-sonoma yesterday and i had the opportunity to sit in for fah-ree :) so much fun. and unlike the raw food class from a couple months back, we actually got to eat all the food and dessert!! .

okie doke - i will leave you with this little wonder (my niece!).  i can't believe i'm missing out on so much growth.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

this town's so strange, they built it to change

been kind of an occupied couple of days (weeks?). my parents had to move out of their too-big-for-them house into a much smaller one.  wes, my little bro, and i took charge of the garage sale - just to make ma and pa a couple of extra bucks off the cool stuff we came across (some of which i kept, haha).

outside of some of the "essentials" (arguable), we got rid of a bunch of their stuff - to sell or to give away.  they have collected so much over the years that i know they could not let go of had they more time to sort it through.  needless to say - my pa still somehow managed to take some things that in my opinion were excess (i'm being nice) - but what do i know!!

i couldn't miss out on the unpacking of course.  that's by far the best part of moving - where you get to arrange things however you want (i was getting very possessive of how they should arrange their furniture - and i don't even live there, ha!).

the other thing is how much old art work we came across.  i have completely neglected my knack for art - we used to generate like 10 drawings a day when we were little.  some of them were assignments from old art classes, but they were pretty great.

anyway -  here are some images from my iphone over the last couple. i've been instagraming most of them, but not all y'all have iphones i gather :)

thanks for checking in!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

windy day

today is gorgeous.  needless to say the day started overcast (which i loved), it cleared up and is breezy and cool.  what do you call that?!  weather made to order.  i'm a fall girl at heart, so overcast days send me over the edge in productivity and creativity.  how about you - no?  oh well.  haha.  can't win 'em all.

after cleaning house a bit, i'm almost ready to go run errands for the day.  just mini ones.  also, gotta give my shop some love too.  i'm going to start selling items for the fella - starring my husband as the handsome model (i'm kind of assuming - haven't actually officially informed asked him yet :)

and i guess here's my errands outfit.  it's nice enough to wear pants and not sweat inside them.  i try really hard not to wear this necklace every day btw.  and not to have it in every post - at least ever other.  how am i doing?  haha.



high waist pants - lee, found at rummage sale
sheer white blouse - f21
watch - nordstrom rack (need one for work :)
sandals - clothes exchange with a few girlfriends
white blazer - vintage (will be up on shop eventually)
red lipstick - brittish red by l'oreal

it's my older bro's bday today so my family is - that's right - going out to a restaurant. tower cafe to be exact (had their breakfast, have yet to try their din din menu :).  that means amazing stories to come about how hilarious and cute my parents place their order.  (to give you some insight - when we went out last time - when asked how he wants his eggs, my dad said "fresh please").  that's right, after living in america for 20+ years, my lovely parents still have a difficult time with the ordering process.  you know what that means - think of how much money they saved by rarely going out!!

ok - talk to ya later.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

cartoon character

here's what i wore to work today. wes says i look like a cartoon character in a good way :) i like the thought of this being my look if i was a cartoon character.  it's tomboyish, and girly at the same time.  way too hot for the oxfords though, not gonna lie.  especially biking to work.




dress - thrifted
bow-tie - thrifted
oxfords - gifted by whitecrow

good night - till next post!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

baby you're a firework

thank you...katy perry for generating the overplayed theme song for indep day 2011.

we had the pleasure of watching two sets of firework shows this weekend - one on sunday which we joined our friends for up in el dorado hills and then yesterday. totally last minute decision breaking free from the festivities we hosted at our tiny little place.  we just went to the railroad tracks which was the closest elevated area.  and of course a 2 mile train broke up our grand finale - we got to see it between each boxcar as it whizzed by.  i think that made it all the more grande.  




we were actually trying to use up all the sparklers.  this is us after we tried singing katy perry's song and "baby you're a firework" is as far as we got.  then we stared at each other blankly and went on with the "oh...oh...oh..." part of the song. hilarious.  


i think i'll have left over grilled veggies all week long!  so great!

looking forward to a busy week.  helping parents prepare for a garage sale that should hopefully take place this saturday - i've never done a garage sale before.  i'm kind of anti social so i'll be the awkward host who just stares at my customers.  kidding.  but seriously - any rules of thumb?  i guess i should google it, haha. 

alright - later loves!