Tuesday, July 5, 2011

baby you're a firework

thank you...katy perry for generating the overplayed theme song for indep day 2011.

we had the pleasure of watching two sets of firework shows this weekend - one on sunday which we joined our friends for up in el dorado hills and then yesterday. totally last minute decision breaking free from the festivities we hosted at our tiny little place.  we just went to the railroad tracks which was the closest elevated area.  and of course a 2 mile train broke up our grand finale - we got to see it between each boxcar as it whizzed by.  i think that made it all the more grande.  




we were actually trying to use up all the sparklers.  this is us after we tried singing katy perry's song and "baby you're a firework" is as far as we got.  then we stared at each other blankly and went on with the "oh...oh...oh..." part of the song. hilarious.  


i think i'll have left over grilled veggies all week long!  so great!

looking forward to a busy week.  helping parents prepare for a garage sale that should hopefully take place this saturday - i've never done a garage sale before.  i'm kind of anti social so i'll be the awkward host who just stares at my customers.  kidding.  but seriously - any rules of thumb?  i guess i should google it, haha. 

alright - later loves!


  1. dang it! we're bummed we couldnt make it! love all these.

  2. such fun pictures!!! I love that you have that tiny little pool! I wanted one, but my husband thinks it's super silly -_-