Wednesday, July 13, 2011

windy day

today is gorgeous.  needless to say the day started overcast (which i loved), it cleared up and is breezy and cool.  what do you call that?!  weather made to order.  i'm a fall girl at heart, so overcast days send me over the edge in productivity and creativity.  how about you - no?  oh well.  haha.  can't win 'em all.

after cleaning house a bit, i'm almost ready to go run errands for the day.  just mini ones.  also, gotta give my shop some love too.  i'm going to start selling items for the fella - starring my husband as the handsome model (i'm kind of assuming - haven't actually officially informed asked him yet :)

and i guess here's my errands outfit.  it's nice enough to wear pants and not sweat inside them.  i try really hard not to wear this necklace every day btw.  and not to have it in every post - at least ever other.  how am i doing?  haha.



high waist pants - lee, found at rummage sale
sheer white blouse - f21
watch - nordstrom rack (need one for work :)
sandals - clothes exchange with a few girlfriends
white blazer - vintage (will be up on shop eventually)
red lipstick - brittish red by l'oreal

it's my older bro's bday today so my family is - that's right - going out to a restaurant. tower cafe to be exact (had their breakfast, have yet to try their din din menu :).  that means amazing stories to come about how hilarious and cute my parents place their order.  (to give you some insight - when we went out last time - when asked how he wants his eggs, my dad said "fresh please").  that's right, after living in america for 20+ years, my lovely parents still have a difficult time with the ordering process.  you know what that means - think of how much money they saved by rarely going out!!

ok - talk to ya later.


  1. so... you put it out there in the universe ...

  2. aaahaha! little bastards stole my idea! lol - i'll have to make some, except for way cheaper. and in japanese.

  3. your necklace is so gorgeous and i love those pants!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  4. love the look! I need to find a white blouse like that. You just can't go wrong with the perfect white top. :)