Monday, June 28, 2010

for a change

i went to an event that focused mostly on make up - and i'm driving a tiny little go cart.  for a change. 

imats - pasadena.  basically a convention of world-class make-up artists (the folks from alice in wondy were there to speak.  doesn't mean i watched them :)  but what i was more excited bouts are major make up vendors selling stuff for super cheap.  particularly that i got all the good quality brushes i'll ever need to do some good make up.  not my strong point for sure, but i'll be better equipped since i'm technically a "stylist".

a little overwhelming at times.  but worth it.  regardless - i went with these lovely ladies - just a bunch of different ones.  in one little motel 6 room.  fantastic.

my hair in this last pic a hot mess.  it's one of those things, if i don't say it, you'll still notice it.  if i do say it, you'll notice it even more.  either way.  you'll notice.  so i'm one step ahead, eh?  eh?

finally - look of inspiration for the night (trying to decide on what color i'd like to stick to as my hair grows - this doesn't help as i've been leaning towards the ashier side, ehhh.  not to mention how much i love the complete all red look - sexy)

anyway bros.  i just realized i put eggs to boil for egg salad sandwiches and they've been boiling for like an hour and a half.  thanks loud pop.  i feel gross and disgraceful.  can't even boil me some eggs.  

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


tsbeen a week: 

friday i got in an accident - totaled the ol' civic (possible pending car purchase - the car? a little mini cooper! i've always wanted one - maybe :).  

fathers day weekend - busy.  fun - just busy.  lets just say i have a lot of potato salad to work through this week. 

the rest was somewhat a blur.  to be honest - i'm so worn out from the purgatory of transition - one that i chose of course so  this is the extent of my complaining.  promise.  i'm tired - but so excited for the future and all the possibilities.  these are visionary times for me and though i'm exhausted every day (and often sad that i can't commit more time to the people i love and the things i enjoy:), i know it's all just transition.    

oh yeah!  today.  my esthetician friend, taylor, and i are exchanging services: she got a highlight/lowlight, and i get a facial (or some other amazing treatment brought to you by hoss lee esthetics).  can i tell you the euphoria of a client with expectations met?  my night made - all the exhaustion justified.  alls i needed was my wesley to take me to cappuccino land and then bring me back to school - caffeined up and ready to do hairs.  

i have new dresses!  so excited to hem and post them!  hoping to post them in the next couple of days.  

in the meantime!

love the outfit  - i found it on anywho- but mostly LOVE her sandals.  i'm going to start an expensive shoe tip fund.  want to contribute?  

pity post over. 

excited about my trip to the imats make-up show this weekend in pasadena. 

bye bye for now! :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010


i'm unhappy with my banner.

but in relevant news.  we had folks come in from spanish fly yesterday and guess who they used as a model for their color demo!  i'm now a darker red.  that was my last "red hoorah" and i would slowly like to transition into an ashy light brown - hopefully.  oh ya - and this just in: i'm officially growing out my hair.  i realized the more i put it out there there more i want it.  can't seem to have wes decide on what he prefers for my hair (sometimes i wish he was pickier with my hair.  i did make him say "i want you to grow your hair out" the other night in a convincing tone).  anyway - wish me luck with that one.  i'm a short hair junkie at heart.  wes said if i grow my hair long, he grows his beard long. i'm game.

ok, bye for now.  lame post.  no pics, especially to account for the color in my hairs.  i'm still up and i so should be in bed.  i got coffee'd up by mary lou while cutting her hairs after school tonight.  i asked for it - i said "tsh, coffee please".  i figured it would allow me to come home and spend more time with my husband though here i am writing in ma blog.  its k, he's busy writing a long email.  we're are talking you know, i'm having a conversation with him as i'm writing, so we're good.

i keep trying to convince wes to go to cosmetology school too so he could do my hair.  surprisingly, he never really rejects the idea.  lol.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

that only took me what, all day?

i got more items up on my shop!  tiny little preview: 

i figured may as well post them everywhere else since it took me all day long.  i get so OCD with this.  after i post something, i want to retake the picture or edit what i say because i see what other peeps say on their wonderful etsy stores.  anyways - let's move one, shall we. 


did yoga at the park today with olga in the morn.  that will likely become a regular for me/us.  especially since i came home and cleaned the house like i was on crack.  i'm telling you - it was different that i usually do it.  i was cohesive and strategic and got it all done before wes woke up (yes he was still in bed at noon, sorry wes, i expose you :)


thursday - the 'red carpet contest' took place at school.  it was a bigger deal since they had folks filming it and everything - all up in our faces as we did hair.  i kept thinking to myself 'don't do anything stupid - if you're not sure, don't do it'.  so i didn't.  i turned out to be pretty boring, but better that than a weirdo :)

anyway, my group went for a 40s inspired glam look and i think we did pretty nicely: 
that's our model, sarah.  she knew how to work the camera glamorously :)

well, alright.  better go. my little bro is sleeping over tonight.  he's pretty preoccupied with video games right now, but i still feel pretty neglectful.  it's a vicious cycle. 

okay - bye bye. 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

yelizabeta's shop up

first post - only one for now.  but nevertheless!
yelizabeta's shop

check it out and take advantage of the first post special :)
tomorrow.  red carpet contest at school.  hopefully i'll be able to get some pics from it.  it's hard to do this type of work (hair/make up) in a hurry and never have pics to look at.

ok, g'nite

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

forest by the sea

just as i predicted.  too depressing to think about how much of an amazing time we had.  i thought grieving it in advance would help - nope.  i shoulda saved myself the emotions.  

i'm over it. 

anyway - i hope you enjoy the images - too too many to choose from.  i'm just going to spit them out without much rhyme.  

friday i had off - so we packed and then went to the drive-ins

and then woke up early the next morn to travel to our destiNATION

i threw a little temper tantrum on the way and called wes's zune a piece of s---.  yes, i crossed my arms and looked at wes to see his reaction.  i don't use such language so you can imagine how frustrated i was that that thing up and deleted a playlist i was compiling for the first part of the trip.  seriously, though.  

gosh was that really worth a whole paragraph. 


pacific grove was a quaint little town - we ate a very late lunch there. i  was so so hungry, i think i was close to throwing a second tantrum.  but i restrained.  we had some great conversations (and i of course coffee!) while awaiting our food

this shirt will be up for sale - promise

i bought more door knobs.  

i wish i could say this was more than just a pose /:-)

the best bread and balsamic combo i have ever had at lala-paloosa
i only thought to take a pic after devourment

this dress will be up for sale too!  

we drove down the 17 mile drive on the last day (the actual anni day, 6/7)
and - again - emotions emotions emotions.  i made wes pull over every mile and take the same pictures over and over again!

the aquarium.  amazing.  the jellyfish were by far my favorite.  i want to make a t-shirt covered in jellyfish print.  just like at the museum.  

favorite image of the weekend

and finally we got home starving and discovered a anni greeting card in the mail from my matchell parents! they got us a $50 gift card for dinner.  man!  they're such sweet people!
it helped because the whole way home i kept going "you know what else is good? when we get home, we'll only have four more days of the week left.  you know what else is good?  we still have like 100 miles left of highway 1.  we can still pull over here and get more beach shots!  we can still get gelato in half-moon bay".  desperate?  nah!  lol - LOL. 
this is my husband. 

ok.  gotta go get gelato!

Friday, June 4, 2010

romalisa in town from melbourn!

i am inept.  
my vaca starts now so a post will ensue of our adventure to pacific grove, ca.
but for now - i just past by the part at my house where my family gathered on wednesday - the occasion being that these two were here for 24 hours (at least in our neck of the woods)
-and i got heavy-hearted and reminiscent.  i'm so clingy!

anyway - here are imagers of some of the fools that participated in this fantastic occasion

ma - such a lovely lady

she prepped our supper and it satisfied the russian in me :)

i love this kid's face.  and this pic.  it reminds me of the pictures they put in textbooks about happy kids who don't do drugs and go to school.  

also i've had the pleasure to snip-a-doodle here and there (at school and otherwise).  i had to include this picture because mary lou really treated me with the most delicious coffee and macaroons in exchange for cutting her papa's hair.  

alright - wes just gave me five minutes to finish up.  we gotta go turn our car in for repairs before we go tomorrow :)

and i must pack (you bet your dollar i'm treating this like a two week vacation)
and i hope to post some items for sale on etsy.  some of my sweet friends are doing it - i want to share too :) but as one of our department managers at work said "hope is not a strategy".  regardless.  i hope to do it.  

thank you!