Tuesday, June 8, 2010

forest by the sea

just as i predicted.  too depressing to think about how much of an amazing time we had.  i thought grieving it in advance would help - nope.  i shoulda saved myself the emotions.  

i'm over it. 

anyway - i hope you enjoy the images - too too many to choose from.  i'm just going to spit them out without much rhyme.  

friday i had off - so we packed and then went to the drive-ins

and then woke up early the next morn to travel to our destiNATION

i threw a little temper tantrum on the way and called wes's zune a piece of s---.  yes, i crossed my arms and looked at wes to see his reaction.  i don't use such language so you can imagine how frustrated i was that that thing up and deleted a playlist i was compiling for the first part of the trip.  seriously, though.  

gosh was that really worth a whole paragraph. 


pacific grove was a quaint little town - we ate a very late lunch there. i  was so so hungry, i think i was close to throwing a second tantrum.  but i restrained.  we had some great conversations (and i of course coffee!) while awaiting our food

this shirt will be up for sale - promise

i bought more door knobs.  

i wish i could say this was more than just a pose /:-)

the best bread and balsamic combo i have ever had at lala-paloosa
i only thought to take a pic after devourment

this dress will be up for sale too!  

we drove down the 17 mile drive on the last day (the actual anni day, 6/7)
and - again - emotions emotions emotions.  i made wes pull over every mile and take the same pictures over and over again!

the aquarium.  amazing.  the jellyfish were by far my favorite.  i want to make a t-shirt covered in jellyfish print.  just like at the museum.  

favorite image of the weekend

and finally we got home starving and discovered a anni greeting card in the mail from my matchell parents! they got us a $50 gift card for dinner.  man!  they're such sweet people!
it helped because the whole way home i kept going "you know what else is good? when we get home, we'll only have four more days of the week left.  you know what else is good?  we still have like 100 miles left of highway 1.  we can still pull over here and get more beach shots!  we can still get gelato in half-moon bay".  desperate?  nah!  lol - LOL. 
this is my husband. 

ok.  gotta go get gelato!


  1. Aw, Happy Anniversary to you two!! Sounds like you had a blast. I am so happy for ya! I love the pics... My favorites are the one of you holding the doorknobs (Great shot of you!!), and the one of you and Wes snuggling in your car. Too cute! Erik and I will be celebrating our 6th anniversary on the 19th. Wow... 6 years flies by! My friend is getting married on that day this year, so we have a built in date with free food and drinks... Ha! :-)

    Also, I am having a hard time picture you saying s***! I don't think I have ever heard you say that!

    Love ya and miss ya girly!

  2. Oh, and P.S. I also LOVE the jellyfish at the aquarium. That is the best aquarium ever, and the jellyfish are just plain amazing!