Sunday, June 13, 2010

that only took me what, all day?

i got more items up on my shop!  tiny little preview: 

i figured may as well post them everywhere else since it took me all day long.  i get so OCD with this.  after i post something, i want to retake the picture or edit what i say because i see what other peeps say on their wonderful etsy stores.  anyways - let's move one, shall we. 


did yoga at the park today with olga in the morn.  that will likely become a regular for me/us.  especially since i came home and cleaned the house like i was on crack.  i'm telling you - it was different that i usually do it.  i was cohesive and strategic and got it all done before wes woke up (yes he was still in bed at noon, sorry wes, i expose you :)


thursday - the 'red carpet contest' took place at school.  it was a bigger deal since they had folks filming it and everything - all up in our faces as we did hair.  i kept thinking to myself 'don't do anything stupid - if you're not sure, don't do it'.  so i didn't.  i turned out to be pretty boring, but better that than a weirdo :)

anyway, my group went for a 40s inspired glam look and i think we did pretty nicely: 
that's our model, sarah.  she knew how to work the camera glamorously :)

well, alright.  better go. my little bro is sleeping over tonight.  he's pretty preoccupied with video games right now, but i still feel pretty neglectful.  it's a vicious cycle. 

okay - bye bye. 

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