Thursday, June 17, 2010


i'm unhappy with my banner.

but in relevant news.  we had folks come in from spanish fly yesterday and guess who they used as a model for their color demo!  i'm now a darker red.  that was my last "red hoorah" and i would slowly like to transition into an ashy light brown - hopefully.  oh ya - and this just in: i'm officially growing out my hair.  i realized the more i put it out there there more i want it.  can't seem to have wes decide on what he prefers for my hair (sometimes i wish he was pickier with my hair.  i did make him say "i want you to grow your hair out" the other night in a convincing tone).  anyway - wish me luck with that one.  i'm a short hair junkie at heart.  wes said if i grow my hair long, he grows his beard long. i'm game.

ok, bye for now.  lame post.  no pics, especially to account for the color in my hairs.  i'm still up and i so should be in bed.  i got coffee'd up by mary lou while cutting her hairs after school tonight.  i asked for it - i said "tsh, coffee please".  i figured it would allow me to come home and spend more time with my husband though here i am writing in ma blog.  its k, he's busy writing a long email.  we're are talking you know, i'm having a conversation with him as i'm writing, so we're good.

i keep trying to convince wes to go to cosmetology school too so he could do my hair.  surprisingly, he never really rejects the idea.  lol.


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