Wednesday, June 23, 2010


tsbeen a week: 

friday i got in an accident - totaled the ol' civic (possible pending car purchase - the car? a little mini cooper! i've always wanted one - maybe :).  

fathers day weekend - busy.  fun - just busy.  lets just say i have a lot of potato salad to work through this week. 

the rest was somewhat a blur.  to be honest - i'm so worn out from the purgatory of transition - one that i chose of course so  this is the extent of my complaining.  promise.  i'm tired - but so excited for the future and all the possibilities.  these are visionary times for me and though i'm exhausted every day (and often sad that i can't commit more time to the people i love and the things i enjoy:), i know it's all just transition.    

oh yeah!  today.  my esthetician friend, taylor, and i are exchanging services: she got a highlight/lowlight, and i get a facial (or some other amazing treatment brought to you by hoss lee esthetics).  can i tell you the euphoria of a client with expectations met?  my night made - all the exhaustion justified.  alls i needed was my wesley to take me to cappuccino land and then bring me back to school - caffeined up and ready to do hairs.  

i have new dresses!  so excited to hem and post them!  hoping to post them in the next couple of days.  

in the meantime!

love the outfit  - i found it on anywho- but mostly LOVE her sandals.  i'm going to start an expensive shoe tip fund.  want to contribute?  

pity post over. 

excited about my trip to the imats make-up show this weekend in pasadena. 

bye bye for now! :)


  1. is your banner from the aquarium right before you hid from natasha?

  2. lol- yes! haha. let's be fair - i wasn't hiding from her, more from everyone else. i'm going kind of crazy with the templates.

  3. Hi :-)

    I'm sorry to hear about your car accident. Those are not fun! But, exciting about the new car possibility! I think Erik might want one of those...

    Anyways, miss you!!