Wednesday, January 19, 2011

two new items

you can find them here.  i'm tempted to keep!  get them soon before i change my mind.  i'm kidding. but i do want to see these beauties worn by another lovely dame.


and oh! what?!  i found this shop on etsy - zelnatt - she's got THE most amazing legging collection (for example see below).  i wish my birthday was sooner than it is.

perhaps i can purchase these for my husband's bday next tuesday and if they don't fit him... i guess i can find space in my drawer!  lol.  i know he'll appreciate a little selfishness on his bday - who wouldn't!  oh i'm kidding.  it's getting later than late. we have a rather large prospect coming to visit our office tomorrow - and i want to leave plenty of time to prepare a profesh yet fashionable outfit.  i love finding loopholes in dress codes (sorry for the youth-group-camp-sounding attitude.  i just like to put some flair to a plain jane outfit - is all).  k.  done!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

we should do this more often

i love me some poncho!
that used to be my older brother's nickname - poncho.  his name is alex.  it didn't take off as well as 'montana' for anthony, my younger bro.  probably because i have more power over my little bro than my older one.  btw - this one will be on sale.  i'll probably be able to post it later today :) (it's 12:05 am and tomorrow's my day off so i'm recklessly staying up!)


wesley and i trekked out to denios farmers market/ resale/junk market saturday morning - with no particular thing in mind other than to look through other people's junk.  we love doing that.  seriously, the things some people decide to give away for a mere $5 (well if you're with wes, it'll get brought down to $2 for sure!).  i get too shy to bargain.

we found this little twin lens camera - i've always wanted one but am not good enough to really invest into a brand new and good one, so this find was just fantastic.   
we just need to get the right format film and we're set. 


i'm nearing my second dreaded board date (feb 9th).  i know what to expect now so it should be cake, but i'm still terrified because i remember feeling comfortable last time - and guess what happened!   


also, here's what i wore on sunday.  i got to wear my xmas socks from wes and my denios necklace find.  ooh la la!  
piece of useless informaiton: my cats were at the door just as the shutter went off for this pic.  it looks posed, but i was looking out over yonder.  my cats are such home-bodies.  you let them out for a couple of minutes and they're good to come back.  it's probably the weather.  

denim shirt - the limited thrifted
corduroy skirt - j crew thrifted
red belt - banana republic
mustard tights - anthropologie
socks - american apparel (xmas gift)
shoes - ae thrifted
aztec wool sweater - vintage (beacon's closet, ny)

i can finally pull back my hair - woo!

finally - here's noodle zoning out.  she's such a weirdo.  sorry for the random pic overkill btw.  

mm-bye bye now.  

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

in between two pines

i wore this outfit to work on monday - kind of blah, but i happened to snap a shot of it, it's nothing too special.  these pants i rediscovered from the back of the pants/jeans drawer (which is overflowing might i add) - i kind of lost my liking for them a while back - not sure why.  i think they made my butt look big - KIDDING, omg.
the blouse is borrowed from my friend olga - or 'swapped' rather.  sidenote: swapping clothes with friends of similar sizes.  try it! your husbands/boyfriends will love you.


we spent some time with friends at a cabin in tahoe this last weekend.  i powered through some dry parts of crime and punishment, but am extremely involved in this book at the moment.  so much so i had to lend my 'french women don't get fat' to my friend christine because quite frankly, no matter how much you think you juggle two books at one time - you CANT.  there.  well, that's the case for me anyway.  how did i get through college?  bah!

about this sweater - i bought it for myself at a thrift store in miami - and guess who it fits better?

i love the shots our wide angle lens takes.  this one in fact reminds me of a snow-ey version of some of 'massimo vitali's work - my friend liska pointed him out in one of her posts a while back (i had to go way back on your blog, liskers) - ever since then, high contrast and high aperture wide-angle shots like this remind me of him.  but i'm no photographer (and not very critique-savvy either - so if it's nothing like his work in your 'pinion, sorry).

we built lolita the snow-lady - only to break her after her photo shoot.


that's a shot of wes and i - getting ready for a picture.  i'm just wearing my snowboarding gear.  there's really very little you can do to stay fashion-forward while playing in the snow - snowboarding gear is the most snow-proof apparel, but visually, it's like a culture of its own.  the prints and patterns are rarely to my liking (usually some form of neon-plaid-camo-concoction).  however - when i'm rolling around in snow, i don't think i care that much, haha.



this is us lounging around.  we intended to watch a movie, but ended up watching 'in between two ferns' on our phones.  oh zack g. how you master the art of awkward and inappropriate.


that is that.  in other news - i'm reaching out to the folks for whom i did make-up and hair work to compile a fun little portfolio.  i suck at documenting.  it's like there's work out there that i did that i never put my signature on - so much harder to reclaim after the fact.  geez.

and olya and i recommitted our focus to our shops today.  we're fist-pumping excited.  go tuesdays.


Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 in LA

we went there more for a wedding than new years, but the new year will sneak up no matta where you at!  and - turns out the ladies (minus the bride) needed someone to do their hair and make up.

my husband being the popular one that he is, was one of the groomfellas - fourth time in the second half of 2010! (why am i yelling)

boys!  space out the weddings will ya. kidding :)

in all honesty, it was quite nice to be able to spend new years in la.  nothing crazy, really.  just spent some time by the fire on the beach, got dressed up to go to downtown disney, and then turned around to come back to our hotel JUST in time to watch the ny ball drop in nyc - in that order.  we're so old!  i bet downtown disney would have been fun - but i don't regret cozying up in bed.





the beach was so cold i layered every possible jacket/sweater/cardigan i brought (which i later regretted since it all smelled like campfire)

the dwtwn disney plan would have been fun.  i kind of went bolder with my make up for the occasion

i'm glad we came back though, the traffic wasn't worth it.  and we were exceptionally pooped.  

and then 1.1.11 - the hall wedding
(i love blurry bride photos! they make her seem like a dream.  and they're coincidentally easier to make)

love this shot!





my 2011?  i'd like to be bolder.  in everything i do.  period.

thanks for checking in!