Wednesday, January 19, 2011

two new items

you can find them here.  i'm tempted to keep!  get them soon before i change my mind.  i'm kidding. but i do want to see these beauties worn by another lovely dame.


and oh! what?!  i found this shop on etsy - zelnatt - she's got THE most amazing legging collection (for example see below).  i wish my birthday was sooner than it is.

perhaps i can purchase these for my husband's bday next tuesday and if they don't fit him... i guess i can find space in my drawer!  lol.  i know he'll appreciate a little selfishness on his bday - who wouldn't!  oh i'm kidding.  it's getting later than late. we have a rather large prospect coming to visit our office tomorrow - and i want to leave plenty of time to prepare a profesh yet fashionable outfit.  i love finding loopholes in dress codes (sorry for the youth-group-camp-sounding attitude.  i just like to put some flair to a plain jane outfit - is all).  k.  done!


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