Tuesday, January 18, 2011

we should do this more often

i love me some poncho!
that used to be my older brother's nickname - poncho.  his name is alex.  it didn't take off as well as 'montana' for anthony, my younger bro.  probably because i have more power over my little bro than my older one.  btw - this one will be on sale.  i'll probably be able to post it later today :) (it's 12:05 am and tomorrow's my day off so i'm recklessly staying up!)


wesley and i trekked out to denios farmers market/ resale/junk market saturday morning - with no particular thing in mind other than to look through other people's junk.  we love doing that.  seriously, the things some people decide to give away for a mere $5 (well if you're with wes, it'll get brought down to $2 for sure!).  i get too shy to bargain.

we found this little twin lens camera - i've always wanted one but am not good enough to really invest into a brand new and good one, so this find was just fantastic.   
we just need to get the right format film and we're set. 


i'm nearing my second dreaded board date (feb 9th).  i know what to expect now so it should be cake, but i'm still terrified because i remember feeling comfortable last time - and guess what happened!   


also, here's what i wore on sunday.  i got to wear my xmas socks from wes and my denios necklace find.  ooh la la!  
piece of useless informaiton: my cats were at the door just as the shutter went off for this pic.  it looks posed, but i was looking out over yonder.  my cats are such home-bodies.  you let them out for a couple of minutes and they're good to come back.  it's probably the weather.  

denim shirt - the limited thrifted
corduroy skirt - j crew thrifted
red belt - banana republic
mustard tights - anthropologie
socks - american apparel (xmas gift)
shoes - ae thrifted
aztec wool sweater - vintage (beacon's closet, ny)

i can finally pull back my hair - woo!

finally - here's noodle zoning out.  she's such a weirdo.  sorry for the random pic overkill btw.  

mm-bye bye now.  


  1. Are you growing out your hair? I'm going through the same dilemma at the moment haha. I like the poncho/cape! especially the pattern and the tassels. and your kitty is cute :-)

  2. LOVE all the looks, you create such fabulous combinations! That necklace is amazing!

  3. Awesome find on the camera - we need to go TLR-ing together sometime!!