Monday, October 10, 2011


how cute is this? i was looking for one for muh-self, but came across one for penny! (noodle can't stand the feeling of anything around her neck).  

penny on the other hand doesn't mind her collar at all.  she's got a bit of tomboy in her (kinda like her ma!) so i know she'll like this one.

speaking of adorable and kitties, my sister texted me this picture and i'm on the hunt for one now.  wook at dat king of the jungle!

i can't believe how much time i'm spending on this cat stuff.  getalife elizabeth.  sometimes i find myself somehow spinning into a rathole of cat videos on youtube.  it's one of those things that i hide from wes.  he'll come home one day from work on my day off and catch me off guard.  i'll be like "haha - i was watching some music videos while the laundry's in the dryer and somehow accidentally clicked on this trash".  

they're unbelievable - cats.  i'll leave you with this one.  my kitties are still petrified of water, so i covet these cat owners who have sweet little keeskas who love to bathe (most of them, that is)! ps the music is almost deal-breaker annoying, but...

i mean come on! 

Thursday, September 29, 2011


ran errands today, and forgot to get coffee - apparently it's national coffee day.  so i'll be heading out here pretty soon to get some.  maybe read while i'm at it.  i don't know.

anyway - here's what i wore yesterday



kitty cat pin - garage sale
grey trapeze dress - uo
mock denim t - borrowed
boots - espirit - thrifted

my kitty cat pin was a lucky lucky find.  i wore it to work yesterday and told one of the stylists that it's my friend and it helps me make decisions.  and then i walked off laughing hysterically.  i'm sure they knew i was kidding (?).  lately though i have been enjoying wearing brooches and pins of all kinds - preferably creatures.  which brings me to this adorable little brooch i found on etsy. 
it's of a classic russian cartoon character called cheburashka.  anyway - this little shop from riga, latvia makes a bunch of tiny little brooches like this.  some things are just so much cuter when small. 


Monday, September 26, 2011

fur coat

well i hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.

mine was.  here's what i wore one of the days.

floral colonial jacket - vintage (will soon be on my shop again :)
polka tank - a glass jar
front draped dress - thrifted
shoes - bandalino via don't remember (woops)

on saturday i got to participate in la ray's lovely bridal shower brunch.  this was her ma telling us funny stories about her.  she had quite a few :)

on sunday, we had some good friends over for dinner.  i promised to make them a traditional russian meal (or at least some components of it) and i was slightly nervous considering he's a chef and all.  i decided to make this the russian meal part 1, just because there are so many different dishes.  and russian meals often consist of "sides" that can be easily served as the main course so i had to whittle down my options, and for the introductory/part 1 dinner, i decided on shooba which is a russian term for "fur coat". the dish consists of layers and layers of different ingredients (herring, onions, potatoes, beets, carrots, boiled egg with like a sour cream spread in between) piled on top of each other to make a little cake-like dish.  anyway - there were other items, but this is one i did from scratch so i'm highlighting it most :) to serve you slice through it like a cake and it has these fabulous little layers inside.

and the verdict was it was pretty good! woo! now for part 2.  so many options.

i just started watching madmen and am on the fence still.  i finished episode two last night and i know sometimes it takes a couple. the show takes place in like the 50's i think, before a lot of discoveries.  there was a scene where mrs. draper's little girl runs up to her with a dry cleaning plastic bag on her head and the mom is upset that her dry cleaning is on the floor.  you're like "um hello!" lol. made me chuckle, like for a really long part of the show.  anyway - very interesting.  it think i'll keep watching.

alright - lates.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


i wore this yesterday to work - these pants i bought a while ago intending to take them in and make them skinny pants, but have been wearing them like this instead.  (ps the same ol' living room situation - it gets old i know)

anywho, it's muh day off today and wesley and i decided to hang out together.  we biked to sellands for dinner and went out for coffee afterwards.  it was nice to catch up on each others thoughts on things/life. i know it sounds funny, but we do just kind of miss each other throughout the day sometimes.

it's like season premiere city with all these new shows - including the office! woo!

well, ok.  i think i'm ok with the heat leaving now.

ta ta

Monday, September 19, 2011

red eyes

i've been like a little baby with my my parents' and little bro's move to ohio.  i love change! but my extreme emotional nature makes it a little bit embarrassing :)  i can already see the day they embark their journey across country. the day their car turns around the corner i'm going to be a snotty mess for wes to deal with - frustrating!  my sister said i'll get over it - and i will :)

this was me cleaning today - got distracted by the thought that i have not yet updated - so i took a pear cider and watermelon break and the opportunity to show you my target trench! i jumped all over it the day i saw them at target - last year i snoozed, but not this time, no way.

harem pants - macy's
lace tank - thrifted
trench coat - target
(this isn't really an official outfit - but i did run some errands in it so...)

anyway -  here's the music i've been listening to lately:
1) little dragon - ritual union
2) gorillaz - plastic beach
3) james blake's self titled
4) lykke li - youth novels
5) kino (a mish mash of their albums provided to me by brother bear) - a russian rock band from the 80s, and sadly - the best website i found for them is wikipedia (then again, i didn't look very hard). they're old school, but they made some great music in their day and i remember growing up listening to and loving them.

well that is all y'all.

here's a pic i revisit often that my sis posted on instagram.  my little bro with my niece.  just shoot me.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

dude - all the missoni for target stuff is showing up on ebay for triple the price.  people!! is this happening everywhere else or just sacramento?

anyway - this was my sunday outfit
a little hot for the sequin number, but eh.

i got really inspired this last weekend to get an ice cream machine after enjoying some from humphrey slocumb in san fran.  how could you not when you try flavors such as brown sugar fennel, salted roasted dark chocolate, olive oil - seriously?!

the boys and i went to sf this sat to spend the day before the fleet foxes show.  we were looking to find an outfit for one another at one of the thrift stores.  i took the assignment a little too seriously - this is them waiting for me at the goodwill at haight.  i know!

anyway - that's it for now. toodles :) 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

times are a changin

or just traveling at the speed of light these days.  i just made a post early in august and next thing you know it's september already.  yo-ma-yo (russian for da-dang/mama mia/oh man - etc.)!

anyway - sorry for the absense.  the longer it became the more overwhelmed i got with how much i'd like to update you on.  so i'll make it sort of short ish.  but not really, but sort of (considering how much i'd like to say BUT WON'T FOR YOUR OWN SAKE :)

1) couple of weddings took place:
micah & shannon widegren


check out these two award winning papa's


and this intense fella

sarah and chad:

gentleman and a scholar



2) a little unofficial engagement photo shoot hosted by yours truly and her lover

these are andy and la raye - our neighbor(s)


3) been working

4) been doing a lot of hair be it cutting, coloring, constructing, etc. (see #1 and #2 - well, just one of #1, i did bridesmaids hairs)

5) been working

6) yesterday was muh birthday. turned 28 (won the lottery...died the next day. isn't it ironic......together now, DON'T YA THINK? - lol.  a little alanis morissette reference in case it's been too long. she was one of my nineties favs)

7) went camping at dillon beach with some of my favorite clowns

tessa floating through the grass


tyannikov clan


alex talking trash




winner takes pic with judges


see more here

8) started hunger games series and reading bossypants.

9) my family is scattering even more (little bro moved to ohio and ma and pa will follow suit).

10) started gillian michaels "ripped in 30" workout.

11) i can't believe it's already september! fall is my favorite!

12) watched some more friends move to NYC

anyway - that's what's been up.  i've been lame with the blogging though.  once in a while - a good break is a-ok.  right?

thanks for checking back in! so good to see your beadie little eyes again!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

a few additions

a lot of really fun prints - check them out :) 

Thursday, July 28, 2011


this outfit was from yesterday, but today i post it :) just because i have a day off and some time! and to compensate for my not making a day's pay - i sold some items from my shop.  which is always nice.  even though i enjoy having things up there just to have them, lol.

so...not to BORE you.  this top dress/throw over deal was one of my regulars way way back in the day (when i actually shopped at stores like macy's and j.crew all the time), but i kind of found it in parents' storage.  of course back then i wore it as an actual dress (all buttoned up and closed).  i found a new use for it - and i love it all the better.  your welcome rescued dress!




you bet i had to tie it up when riding my bike to work. otherwise, who wants see a chick tipping sideways in the middle of an intersection.  put your hands down!



tank top - f21
shorts - men's ben sherman jeans cut-off by my friend for whom they were sadly a tad too big :)
necklace - yes i know.  thrifted.
dress - i think macy's via 1995
shoes - acquired at a clothes swap :)

our late neighbor (i say late because they moved!) hosted a cooking show at williams-sonoma yesterday and i had the opportunity to sit in for fah-ree :) so much fun. and unlike the raw food class from a couple months back, we actually got to eat all the food and dessert!! .

okie doke - i will leave you with this little wonder (my niece!).  i can't believe i'm missing out on so much growth.