Tuesday, September 13, 2011

dude - all the missoni for target stuff is showing up on ebay for triple the price.  people!! is this happening everywhere else or just sacramento?

anyway - this was my sunday outfit
a little hot for the sequin number, but eh.

i got really inspired this last weekend to get an ice cream machine after enjoying some from humphrey slocumb in san fran.  how could you not when you try flavors such as brown sugar fennel, salted roasted dark chocolate, olive oil - seriously?!

the boys and i went to sf this sat to spend the day before the fleet foxes show.  we were looking to find an outfit for one another at one of the thrift stores.  i took the assignment a little too seriously - this is them waiting for me at the goodwill at haight.  i know!

anyway - that's it for now. toodles :) 

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