Monday, September 19, 2011

red eyes

i've been like a little baby with my my parents' and little bro's move to ohio.  i love change! but my extreme emotional nature makes it a little bit embarrassing :)  i can already see the day they embark their journey across country. the day their car turns around the corner i'm going to be a snotty mess for wes to deal with - frustrating!  my sister said i'll get over it - and i will :)

this was me cleaning today - got distracted by the thought that i have not yet updated - so i took a pear cider and watermelon break and the opportunity to show you my target trench! i jumped all over it the day i saw them at target - last year i snoozed, but not this time, no way.

harem pants - macy's
lace tank - thrifted
trench coat - target
(this isn't really an official outfit - but i did run some errands in it so...)

anyway -  here's the music i've been listening to lately:
1) little dragon - ritual union
2) gorillaz - plastic beach
3) james blake's self titled
4) lykke li - youth novels
5) kino (a mish mash of their albums provided to me by brother bear) - a russian rock band from the 80s, and sadly - the best website i found for them is wikipedia (then again, i didn't look very hard). they're old school, but they made some great music in their day and i remember growing up listening to and loving them.

well that is all y'all.

here's a pic i revisit often that my sis posted on instagram.  my little bro with my niece.  just shoot me.

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