Wednesday, May 18, 2011

before you go

i just finished my dinner - grilled cheese with aged cheddar on ezekiel bread with a bit of apricot jam on the side - and a glass of wine.  not the best thing for me, but man it was good good.  i've been snacking here and there on apples and carrots all day long - my body wanted something heavier.  it's my body's fault, lol.

i cheated a (rather messy) finger wave today (i.e. nixed all the gel and just used bobby pins to control the wave instead). it's being held up by the products from the day before - oribe dry texture spray (amazing!) and of course Bb texture creme, topped with Bb does it all - if you can't tell, i'm a bit obsessed with all things texture.  it's quite the mess at this point :)  but as you can see, i don't have much of an outfit post for ya - got a bit too "aware" of all the passers-by around our street when wes was snapping these - he was using a little nifty fifty lens so he got nice and close as you can tell, haha. so it's just my hair.  and this shirt.  which i'm going to post once again on my shop.



i know - in case you forgot what my face looks like...right?!

anyway, i won't be quite the frequenter that i have been these last few weeks (before the long awkward silence).  i have a busy busy next couple of weeks ahead, and then my hope is to be back posting these outfits of mine as well as all sorts of other fun stuff people love to read about.


Sunday, May 8, 2011


this is a pic of an old pic of my ma.  it's not fair to you that it's crappy quality due to my lack of preparation, but i think you get the point, she is a lovely lady.  this is one of my favorite photo's of her - she's wearing a maternity dress she sowed for herself when she was young and pregnant.

is that not the most lovable piece of dress you've ever seen?

we got to spend time with both of our sweet moms today - such a treat to have them so close and to enjoy their company - all within a short drive's distance :)

when we were at my parents' house tonight, i taught my ma how to text.  it's been on my to-do list for a long long time and i think it was one of my favorite parts of he night.  wes got a nice long video on my phone of her going "ok....'L' -'O' -one two three".  SO CUTE!! so fair warning to any of my family reading this...if you get a text from my mom - you're lucky because she just spent the last 10 minutes compiling that message.

since i'm on the mom subject - here's a video of alela diane singing "oh my mama!" i forgot how much i like this girl, particularly this song.  so glad i stumbled upon it just in time :)

finally - on saturday i spent time with my much missed la ray having breakfast, walking through the auburn farmers market, and digging through the huge rummage sale we found at this church (when we got there everything was 50% off!).

i found these amazing wooden clogs from holland.  and a bunch of other stuff

everything from books, to records, to mugs, to quilted a lovely vintage chest (not pictured, maybe one day). 

that was that.  monday is tomorrow and it's been breezy and cold.  i hope i can brave it tomorrow morn and ride my bike.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

minimal day

now that i ride my bike to work, dressing is tricky at times :)  i have to be careful with skirts, for example, for obvious reasons.  today i wore a skirt despite those reasons, and it worked out fine.  also, this morning was a bit breezy, but it got warm throughout the day so i wore this light utility jacket i got from olga in our last clothes swap.  are you bored yet?  ha.  here's my minimal outfit to assist with that :)

i just paired a really dressy silk dress from uo with a loose knit by lauren conrad (probably thrifted).  i love loose anything, ya know (clothes-wise, haha).




i twisted and knotted my hair to keep it nice and out of the way.  i was thoroughly surprised how well the Bb does it all kept it in tact all day.


with that, i had an all around fantastic friday, starting off with my lady friends a work (we had a bomb color class today - i'm hoping to try what i learned on my mama - did i just say bomb? :) and finishing off with some of my favorite ladies - including this one.

so that's a wrap.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

raw deal

today i wore white on cream...on nude.  aside from wearing two different shades of the same color, i love the combo of a clean classic cut such as these white pleated shorts that were gifted, with a delicate puritan-like lace blouse (thrifted).




i wore - you guessed it - a mint colored blazer over this ensemble, but i never got a shot of it because the neighbor across the street came out and started watering his street (?) so i thought it was getting a bit awkward, you know...just me, taking pics of myself - no big deal, ha.  and it was time to head off to work anyway.  it was warm enough for lace and shorts, though let me tell ya.

anyway, olga, monica and i attended a thai inspired raw food class today at green boheme and i think it's safe to say that this was my first "full raw meal" experience (more like meal SAMPLE actually).  it was revolutionary to me how foods blend together so well to create this magnificent taste and you can skip the cooking, ha.  the only thing is i think we three expected to actually make and eat our entire individual meal since it was around supper time.  instead, we watched the instructor make one meal and set it aside.  oh the looks we exchanged before we knew that she was going to split the meal into fifteen bite-size portions.  lol.

the thing about it is, i think even wes might like the soup!  i'll make a real meal size at home perhaps ;)

good night now!

ps, how's the corny title for ya :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

can i get a

couple of things on the wish list (or something that looks reeeeally similar :)

acne nori blouse

nili lotan bias fly jean

you know what i mean?

good night darlings (i don't use that term loosely. there's a first for everything :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

sunday man repeller

i'm a huge fan of the man repeller.  she's got it dead on - for some reason sometimes the clothes that attract me most are very unflattering in wes's opinion.  for example my high-waisted pleated trousers i like so much. or my oversized shorts (also pleated).  the lovely skorts i wore today are another example.  of course he'll always tell me that i look sexy in anything i wear.  his little remarks like "ooh, nice! grandma pants!" make me think otherwise.  but these pieces are so amazing - are they not?






and here i am again, trying to coo my cat into looking natural.  i promise she's really sweet.




yes of course i wore my blazer again.  and you will likely see a repeat performance from the skort things.  i'll be wearing them with polka dots if that's ok with you :)  

here's out neighbors little kitty (name is kitties).  she got really hurt while they were out and is now wearing a cast.  so sad, but so cute.  she just watches all the action outside while healing.  such a button.

in other news - this saturday, sacramento hosted the sactomofo mobile food festival which i had the pleasure of attending.  unfortunately, i was kind of a dumbo and did not take any pics.  however, my friend olga and monica took plenty.  i will let you read their blog posts to see all the gory deets image-wise. that was fun.  this is me with miss delicious noise - how cute is she?!

that's it folks.  have a lovely sunday - hope you're rested and ready for the week ahead :)