Sunday, May 8, 2011


this is a pic of an old pic of my ma.  it's not fair to you that it's crappy quality due to my lack of preparation, but i think you get the point, she is a lovely lady.  this is one of my favorite photo's of her - she's wearing a maternity dress she sowed for herself when she was young and pregnant.

is that not the most lovable piece of dress you've ever seen?

we got to spend time with both of our sweet moms today - such a treat to have them so close and to enjoy their company - all within a short drive's distance :)

when we were at my parents' house tonight, i taught my ma how to text.  it's been on my to-do list for a long long time and i think it was one of my favorite parts of he night.  wes got a nice long video on my phone of her going "ok....'L' -'O' -one two three".  SO CUTE!! so fair warning to any of my family reading this...if you get a text from my mom - you're lucky because she just spent the last 10 minutes compiling that message.

since i'm on the mom subject - here's a video of alela diane singing "oh my mama!" i forgot how much i like this girl, particularly this song.  so glad i stumbled upon it just in time :)

finally - on saturday i spent time with my much missed la ray having breakfast, walking through the auburn farmers market, and digging through the huge rummage sale we found at this church (when we got there everything was 50% off!).

i found these amazing wooden clogs from holland.  and a bunch of other stuff

everything from books, to records, to mugs, to quilted a lovely vintage chest (not pictured, maybe one day). 

that was that.  monday is tomorrow and it's been breezy and cold.  i hope i can brave it tomorrow morn and ride my bike.

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  1. next time i come too to visit la ray.

    adore your mom and cracked up at the texting story BUT seriously that will change your life :)

    love your hair braided like that. so flattering on you deary.